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Feature DRIVING LONG-TERM GROWTH ExPLORING PERFORMANCE-BASED SOLAR THERMAL INCENTIVES A PERFORMANCE-BASED INCENTIVE program for solar thermal water and air technologies in Ontario would help the province maintain its leadership in the sector and provide a costeffective option for meeting its aggressive long-term energy conservation goals, says CanSIA. Association representatives met with officials from Ontario’s Ministry of Energy in August to discuss the feasibility of implementing a feed-in-tariff structure for solar thermal technologies that would compensate producers for the displacement of natural gas and electricity on a $/kWh basis. “This meeting was really a very first step in terms of educating the Ontario government about this kind of incentive,” says Wesley Johnston, CanSIa’s director of policy and research. continued on page 52 ❝We see this as an opportunity to gain a lot more information and understanding that can be relayed to other provinces, municipalities ❞ and utilities across Canada. — CanSIA Director of Policy and Research Wesley Johnston S Lutions Fall/Winter 2011 • 51

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A Solar Tax Credit
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SOLutions - Fall/Winter 2011