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Feature GREEN ENERGy By Drew McKibben By Nick Gustav GETS THE GREEN LIGHT Ontario’s reality is that pv is here to stay SASKATCHEWAN RENEWS ITS NET METERING REBATE PROGRAM AFTER URGING FROM CANSIA AND ITS MEMBERS than his neighbor, so when Saskatchewan’s Net Metering Rebate Program ended March 31, erasing a financial incentive to install renewable energy systems, many residents sat on their wallets and waited to see if it would eventually be renewed. After all, why buy something now if it might be on sale in the near future? The solar energy industry, which had steadily built up momentum in Saskatchewan in recent years, suddenly faced a sharp drop in demand for solar photovoltaic panels, and industry stakeholders weren’t certain whether the program, first instituted in 2007, would be rescued.  Thanks in part to CanSIA and its members in Saskatchewan, the solar industry got a much-needed shot in the arm Aug. 29, when the province announced that it would renew the Net Metering Rebate Program through March 30, 2012. continued on page 68 NO ONE LIKES TO PAY more for a product 66 • S Lutions Fall/Winter 2011

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About CanSIA
On the Right Track
Pushing the Envelope
A Solar Tax Credit
Community Power Groups
Teaching the Standard
Cutting Through the Haze
Driving Long-Term Growth
Overwhelming Interest
Proof is in the Pilot
Green Energy Gets the Green Light
Built for Light Loads
Membership Bloom
What CanSIA Does for Your Organization
Solar Calendar

SOLutions - Fall/Winter 2011