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UPFRONT UPFRONT PROLOGUE 99 RED BALLOONS NADI URBAN DESIGN STUDIO A WINNIPEG DESIGN firm, Nadi Urban Design Studio, is among the top four winners in an international design competition that attracted over 250 submissions from 39 countries around the world. The Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) coordinates this bi-annual competition, calling upon interdisciplinary teams to conceive of public art installations that uniquely combine aesthetics with utility-scale clean energy generation. The 2012 focus: Freshkills Park in Staten Island, New York City. The Nadi submission, 99 Red Balloons, combines the iconic red balloon with innovative photovoltaic (solar), piezoelectric and LCD technologies, to create an interactive art installation that potentially powers up to 4,500 homes on an annual basis. Each of the red balloons is lined with transparent organic solar cells developed by MIT. When engaged by visitors the sensors will trigger the color to fade from brilliant red to crystal clear, revealing the solar generating system within. The playful art installation is intended not only to create a distinct landmark for New York, but also to deliver a message about environmental sustainability: the whimsical giants float 30 metres above the ground where landfills once dominated. As the landfill deflates, parkland emerges.  Nadi Studio’s 99 balloons deliver something of a metaphoric souvenir that recognizes the park’s history and celebrates its transformation into a viable public space. Swaying softly with the wind, the balloons will also contain LED lights which will glow at night. PHOTO NADI DESIGN Founded in 2010 by Emeka Nnadi, Nadi Urban Design is an eight person multidisciplinary studio comprised of Landscape Architects, Urban Designers and Interior Designers. The Team: Scott Rosin, Meaghan Hunter, Danielle Loeb, Emeka Nnadi, Kara McDowell, Indrajit Mitra, Narges Ayat, Denis Fleury. Winnipeg, Canada. | 10 LANDSCAPES PAYSAGES

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Landscapes - Winter 2013

Excitable Photons in the Ether | Photons affolés
99 Red Balloons | Light by the Barrel | Something Old, Something New | Cambridge Lights Up | Emptyful
We are Modern Day Lamplighters | Les allumeurs de réverbères modernes ….
The Lights Come Up on 3 Exceptional Landscapes | Les lumières s’allument sur trois paysages exceptionnels
Champ-de-Mars: Shedding Light on History | La lumière au service de l’histoire
To Infinity and Beyond! | Par delà l’infini!
The Gros Morne Challenge | Le défi de Gros-Morne
Cypress Hills: Land of the Living Skies | Cypress Hills : où le ciel s’anime
Urban Parks: To Light or Not to Light? | Parcs urbains : doit-on les éclairer? ….
Lightitude: Lighting Under a Capricious Sky | Lightitude : éclairer sous un ciel capricieux
A Pragmatist’s Guide | Guide pragmatique
Three Riffs on Custom Design | Trois approches du design personnalisé
Seeing Light | Voir la lumière
Representing Landscapes, Ed. Nadia Amoroso.
Collaborators |Collaborateurs
Game Changers | Nouvelle donne : quatre decennies en lumiere

Landscapes - Winter 2013