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DARK SKIES RESERVE | RÉSERVE DE CIEL ÉTOILÉ NATALIE WALLISER, SALA CYPRESS HILLS: LAND OF THE LIVING SKIES From the city we see about 100 stars. Lost in the glow are about 3900 other stars that are visible with the naked eye. FR_ CYPRESS HILLS : OÙ LE CIEL S’ANIME Le parc interprovincial de Cypress Hills est l’une des réserves de ciel étoilé les plus obscures et les plus accessibles au monde. C’est aussi l’une des plus vastes avec 39 600 hectares de terres protégées. Les petites villes bordant la réserve se sont eff orcées de réduire la pollution lumineuse et d’autres villes des Prairies ont emboîté le pas. 28 LANDSCAPES PAYSAGES EN_ THINK ABOUT LIGHT pollution, and your mind may take you to Times Square, Tokyo’s Shibuya district or perhaps even the growing skyline of a city like Mumbai. Yet light pollution is not just an issue for the metropolis. Turn your thoughts to small town Canada – even the streets of small prairie hamlets – and everywhere, there is a clutter of artifi cial light. On the Saskatchewan-Alberta border, however, there is stellar exception to the rule in towns such as Maple Creek, Fort Walsh and Elkwater. The towns border the Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, home to the Cypress Hills Dark Sky Preserve – one of the darkest, easily accessible dark sky preserves and one of the largest with 39,600 hectares of land protected. In August 2011, Cypress Hills opened a Dome Observatory. It was just in time for the annual gathering of over 100 astronomy enthusiasts for the Summer Star Party. The Star Party coincides with the Perseid Meteor Shower, where a decade earlier, one amateur astronomer made the discovery of his life. On August 18, 2001, at the Star Party, Vance Petriew of the Regina Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC)

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Landscapes - Winter 2013

Excitable Photons in the Ether | Photons affolés
99 Red Balloons | Light by the Barrel | Something Old, Something New | Cambridge Lights Up | Emptyful
We are Modern Day Lamplighters | Les allumeurs de réverbères modernes ….
The Lights Come Up on 3 Exceptional Landscapes | Les lumières s’allument sur trois paysages exceptionnels
Champ-de-Mars: Shedding Light on History | La lumière au service de l’histoire
To Infinity and Beyond! | Par delà l’infini!
The Gros Morne Challenge | Le défi de Gros-Morne
Cypress Hills: Land of the Living Skies | Cypress Hills : où le ciel s’anime
Urban Parks: To Light or Not to Light? | Parcs urbains : doit-on les éclairer? ….
Lightitude: Lighting Under a Capricious Sky | Lightitude : éclairer sous un ciel capricieux
A Pragmatist’s Guide | Guide pragmatique
Three Riffs on Custom Design | Trois approches du design personnalisé
Seeing Light | Voir la lumière
Representing Landscapes, Ed. Nadia Amoroso.
Collaborators |Collaborateurs
Game Changers | Nouvelle donne : quatre decennies en lumiere

Landscapes - Winter 2013