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COLLABOR ATORS | COLLABOR ATEURS NIGHT LIGHTS | LUEURS NOCTURNES 1 2 3 10 11 4 5 12 13 6 7 15 16 FR_COLLABORATEURS 1 KEVIN CONNERY, BCSLA, is a Park Planner with the City of Richmond (BC) and also operates Blue+Green Design Studio, a landscape architecture office in Vancouver BC. Kevin is interested in design solutions that explore regenerative and eco-revelatory design. 2 GILLES ARPIN practiced theatrical work for 20 years, and while touring, he became passionate about cities and the emerging field of urban lighting design. In 1996 he founded EclairagePublic, a firm dedicated to lighting public spaces indoors and out. EclairagePublic treats architectural and landscape space as a whole to achieve a unique nocturnal ambience. 3 NATHAN BRIGHTBILL, MLA (University of Washington), CSLA, BCSLA, ASLA, WASLA, is a landscape architect at Phillips Farevaag Smallenberg. As well as his involvement in western projects, he has been involved over the past five years in the West Don Lands neighbourhood development in Toronto, and was project manager for Underpass Park. 4 CALVIN BROOK is an architect, urban designer and planner, and a Principal of Brook McIlroy with over thirty years of professional practice. Cal holds a Master of Architecture in Urban Design from Harvard University and a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Toronto. | 5 PETER SOLAND est un architecte et architecte paysagiste qui dirige les firmes de design urbain et d’architecture de paysage URBAN SOLAND et CIVILITI. Ses firmes nous invitent à réfléchir et à voir au-delà des apparences, en érigeant parfois des espaces publics en des lieux étonnants. 6 AXEL MORGENTHALER is an international visual designer and lighting artist who has collaborated with many performance companies around the world including Cirque du Soleil. Axel 48 LANDSCAPES PAYSAGES also designed the award winning lighting signature for the Quartier des Spectacles of Montreal and has created architectural lighting for many of Montreal’s cultural landmarks. 12 NATALIE WALLISER, SALA is a landscape architect working as a campus planner at the University of Saskatchewan. As the Chair of the 2013 CSLA Congress, she invites you to experience living skies and “Winds of Change” in Regina from July 10-14. 7 JEAN LANDRY est architecte paysagiste depuis plus de 30 ans. Il se consacre à la gestion de projets intégrant une participation active de parties prenantes. Cet intérêt pour une offre de services en espaces libres et verts adaptée aux besoins de clientèles diversifiées est complété par une passion pour la photographie documentaire et artistique. 13 LA FONDATION CONCEPT LUMIÈRE URBAINE (CLU) is led by Philips Lumec, a recognized leader in outdoor lighting. CLU holds an annual competition to encourage young designers to develop innovative lighting concepts for exterior public spaces, and to encourage the development of global solutions that link humans to their environment by means of light. Mathieu Casavant of Nip Paysage is President of the Board. 8 SÉBASTIEN GIGUÈRE Coordonnateur scientifique à l’ASTROLab, Sébastien Giguère est l’auteur des courts-métrages Rythmes cosmiques et Habiter la nature et du livre Le parc national du Mont-Mégantic. Il donne des conférences pour le projet Réalité climatique d’Al Gore. Sa cause est celle de l’émerveillement devant le monde. 9 MAUDE M. SÉVIGNY a remporté, en 2008, le prix Enviro-Action pour son projet de lutte contre la pollution lumineuse sur la Côte-Nord (Québec). Partisane de la préservation du ciel étoilé depuis son adolescence, elle occupe présentement le poste de stagiaire aux communications pour la réserve internationale de ciel étoilé du MontMégantic. 10 NEIL DAWE BD Ep, MLA, is a past president of the CSLA. He has over 25 years experience in planning, design and management and has consulted with numerous rural municipalities in NL. Neil is President of Tract Consulting Inc, the province’slargest planning and design firm. 11 PAMELA MURPHY, the Senior Administrator with Tract Consulting, has over 10 years experience in office administration and consumer relations. She is also studying at Memorial University. info@ 14 (no photo) THE TRUST FOR PUBLIC LANDS (TPL) is the only U.S. national conservation group dedicated to protecting land in and near cities for people to enjoy as parks, playgrounds and other public spaces. TPL’s Center for City Park Excellence (CCPE) produces the widely cited annual report, City Park Facts, and The Excellent City Park System report, both critical tools for park advocates and planners. In partnership with the City Parks Alliance, CCPE also publishes the City Parks Blog. 15 RYAN JAMES has worked with Jim Snelgrove several times in recent years. Ryan doesn’t really care for the yellow light of high pressure sodium, but he does appreciate Jim’s sensitivity to the humble plight of the landscape architect, and he knows that all of this has been carefully considered when Jim’s spec goes to high pressure sodium anyway. 16 BRENDA J. BROWN of Brenda Brown Landscape Design Art Research, lives and works in Winnipeg where she is Assistant Professor at the University of Manitoba. Her research deals with eco-revelatory design, with a particular focus on sound. Recent projects include Spring Ice (Winnipeg, 2010) which incorporated five sound and video installations and collaborations with composers, and, currently, a hummingbird habitat

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Landscapes - Winter 2013

Excitable Photons in the Ether | Photons affolés
99 Red Balloons | Light by the Barrel | Something Old, Something New | Cambridge Lights Up | Emptyful
We are Modern Day Lamplighters | Les allumeurs de réverbères modernes ….
The Lights Come Up on 3 Exceptional Landscapes | Les lumières s’allument sur trois paysages exceptionnels
Champ-de-Mars: Shedding Light on History | La lumière au service de l’histoire
To Infinity and Beyond! | Par delà l’infini!
The Gros Morne Challenge | Le défi de Gros-Morne
Cypress Hills: Land of the Living Skies | Cypress Hills : où le ciel s’anime
Urban Parks: To Light or Not to Light? | Parcs urbains : doit-on les éclairer? ….
Lightitude: Lighting Under a Capricious Sky | Lightitude : éclairer sous un ciel capricieux
A Pragmatist’s Guide | Guide pragmatique
Three Riffs on Custom Design | Trois approches du design personnalisé
Seeing Light | Voir la lumière
Representing Landscapes, Ed. Nadia Amoroso.
Collaborators |Collaborateurs
Game Changers | Nouvelle donne : quatre decennies en lumiere

Landscapes - Winter 2013