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EDITORIAL 2011 excellence FROM THE CHAIR _PRÉSIDENTE NATIONAL HONOUR _HONNEUR NATIONAL NATIONAL MERIT + CITATION_MÉRITE + CITATION CSLA WORK THAT DEFINES US CAROL CRAIG, AALA, CHAIR, 2011 EXCELLENCE JURY ENG_ WE CONVENED: FIVE regions represented, fi ve landscape architects, one journalist, one man, fi ve women, six members of the jury, seventeen hours of debate, fifty-three projects, approximately 15 minutes a project, one room, minus 40 outside with wind chill… We sat around a large table, each bringing our diff erent perspectives and understanding, to adjudicate the submissions. We deliberated and postulated, the discussion often serious, at times funny and enlightening, always invigorating. Several patterns came to the forefront, which defined the profession in new ways. A LEADERSHIP ETHIC: LAs are more frequently project leaders. We are called upon to use our skills as facilitators to become catalysts, moving projects in new, more environmentally responsible directions. A MORE DEFINED SENSE OF PLACE: Our designs are stronger than ever, displaying a greater sense of purpose. We routinely consider the social and environmental implications of our work, boosting quality of life in innovative ways. And always, we incorporate experiential elements into our designs. PHOTO COLLAGE BY WENDY GRAHAM AN EVER-PRESENT HISTORY: LAs are sensitively restoring and rehabilitating landscapes, honouring their existing identity while expanding their potential. We recognize where we have come from, and we build upon past successes. A FUTURE FOCUS: We are visionary thinkers, planning for outcomes that will improve lives well into the future. Our projects are bigger and more complex, encompassing many areas of expertise. Through broad collaboration, we make them work. What made the adjudication experience a stand-out for me was the sense that we were (and are) in this together. Although we jurors live thousands of kilometers apart from each other, we all saw the need to strengthen our profession across the country. Although we come from vastly different geographical areas, we saw the value of projects from other regions, and imagined how the solutions could be used at home. Although we are at diff erent points in our careers, we are all strongly committed to the profession: we all love what we do. And although we may not have always agreed with each other as we sat around the table, we were proud of this body of work, and where we are headed as a profession. 22 LANDSCAPES PAYSAGES

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Landscapes - Summer 2011
Limitless! | Illimité!
Letters | Courrier
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Essay | Essai
Work That Defines Us | des Oeuvres qui Nous Définissent Aapc
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Landscapes - Summer 2011