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NATIONAL SIGNPOST HONOUR 1 2 RED: RESEARCH EVOLVE DESIGN NEW DIRECTIONS | ORIENTATIONS RED: RESEARCH EVOLVE DESIGN, DENVER, COLORADO CLIENT | PROPRIÉTAIRE N/A, FIRM | FIRME JANET ROSENBERG + ASSOCIATES ENG_ This revolutionary wildlife crossing structure, designed for the ARC International Wildlife Crossing Design Competition, pioneers an energetic and bold design which completely rethinks the conventional overpass. Fittingly entitled RED (Research, Evolve, Design), the dramatic bridge structure goes well beyond the traditional in every element. Animal psychology informs each aspect of the design. The team worked closely with ecologists, engineers and architects to design a structure that splays out into the woods in six directions, offering animals some 18 crossing choices. It uses a new material, a more resilient and cost-effective Wood Core Fiberglass in a modular configuration that can be applied to any site anywhere in the world. While much smaller conventional structures routinely cost $12–15 million, RED costs total under $9 million. RED was one of five finalists in the ARC competition, which sought to provoke more effective and economical crossing structure design to deal with the critical issues of wildlife/vehicle collisions and habitat fragmentation. Until RED, landscape architects had only rarely been involved in crossing design. LAs are now at the forefront of the discussion. The bright RED identity came about with good reason. Since red is not perceived by animals, it will not distract them. For humans, however, the colour red is evocative, emotional and symbolic. The burst of red can act as a secret code, reminding us that we share the landscape with other living beings. We do not walk alone. JURY COMMENT: A typology for overpasses: this concept shows excellence in environmental awareness and innovation. The modularity of the components off ers flexibility and variability – an aspect well demonstrated in the presentation. The landscape architects demonstrated good analysis in response to a contextual situation: their instrumental role in this unique project highlights the profession’s diversity, leadership and collaborative style. COMMENTAIRE DU JURY : Une typologie des viaducs : ce concept fait preuve d’excellence dans le respect de l’environnement et dans l’innovation. La modularité des composants assure la flexibilité et la variabilité – un aspect bien démontré dans la présentation. Les architectes paysagistes ont fait une bonne analyse en réponse à une situation : leur rôle déterminant dans ce projet unique met en relief la diversité ainsi que le leadership de la profession. 4 24 LANDSCAPES PAYSAGES

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Landscapes - Summer 2011
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Landscapes - Summer 2011