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Q A Retention Recruitment and Retention BOARD ASK YOUR EXPERT ADVICE “What are the most significant changes a company can implement to recruit and retain talent in the material handling industry within a reasonable budget? How much would you allocate to the recruitment process if you chose to outsource?” Allan Haynsworth, President Atlantic Lift Systems, Norfolk, VA. Job boards Schools Referrals (bonuses for referral as well as signing bonus) Agencies Social media Job fairs Apprentice or intern programs that can grow to become your future permanent staff o etc. • How much to allocate? We use a lot of “temp to perm” scenarios through agencies to avoid paying the high fees for hiring directly through an agency. The upside to this is that both the employer and the temp have a trial period to see if the marriage works before signing on. The downside is the risk that the employee may get something permanent before the trial period is over (typically 90 days). We’ve usually been successful with this, though, we’ve rarely lost someone we wanted during a trial period. You can negotiate with the agency for the mark-up they get – we typically pay a mark-up of 50 percent of pay. During that 90 days we don’t have any benefits to pay. To attract them to hang in there during the trial period, though, we agree to put them on our insurance plans immediately at the end of the trial period (no additional waiting period), and if there is a holiday during the trial period, we will pay that holiday for the temporary employee. If you have a question for the second quarter issue, please contact Rebecca Hein at MHEDA by phone at 847-680-3500, by fax at 847-362-6989 or by email at Distributors who submit questions and the responding board members have agreed to have their names published. If you would like to ask the board a question and have the participating directors respond directly and confidentially to you, please indicate your preference for privacy when you submit your question. o o o o o o o Jerry Weidmann President Wisconsin Lift Truck Corp. Brookfield, WI The first order of business is to make sure you retain your current key employees. The retention strategies you use with your existing employees are the same strategies you will need to retain your new hires. It is important to know your employees’ view toward the company, their managers and their careers within the company. My HR manager recommends conducting “stay interviews.” Ask them why they stay with you – what are we doing right, what keeps you coming back? And build on that. Accept negative feedback, too, so that areas that need work can be improved. Find out what their career aspirations are, what education or training they require and their view of their role within the company. Recruitment Before the recruitment starts, it is imperative to have a good job description and to understand the education, skills and attitude you are looking for. Hiring a new person requires a significant investment of time and money. Doing it right is critical to long-term success. In our experience, our best source is through employee referrals. So, keeping employees happy enough that they feel compelled to recommend friends to us is critical – especially with service technicians. We provide an incentive to our employees to refer candidates to us. Below are recommendations from our HR manager: • Keep an open mind to new recruitment sources. While social media is clearly becoming a larger factor in our world, it hasn’t yet replaced the more traditional recruiting methods. I think what’s needed is simply to not overlook it as an option. As difficult as recruiting is now, what’s important is to be open to going where you need to go to find the best candidate pool – and that can change with any recruitment effort. The MHEDA Journal | First Quar ter 2 013 19

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