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MACKINNON EQUIPMENT & SERVICES MEMBER PROFILE From Inauspicious Beginnings Comes Astonishing Success BY STEVE GUGLIELMO because of his work turning around those factory stores. By 1982, however, MacKinnon was itching to return to his roots on the dealership side of the business. “The corporate ladder was not really where I wanted to spend the rest of my career,” he says. Internally, the company had made the decision to scrap the factory store model and begin to privatize as disA.D. Sandy MacKinnon tributorships. “We hadn’t done a very good job of managing our factory stores. We felt that we needed to go out into the private sector to find success,” says MacKinnon. “Consequently, I spearheaded the initiative to begin that transition with our store in Tampa.” W hen looking at MacKinnon Equipment & Services (Tampa, Fla.) today, it is nearly impossible to picture its roots as a twice-bankrupt Yale Materials Handling factory store. This is a testament to the work of CEO A.D. Sandy MacKinnon, who privatized the store in 1982, and in the 30 years since has grown the dealership from a net worth of negative $1 million to a multi-million dollar award-winning corporation. After graduating from Hillsdale College, MacKinnon joined Yale in 1964 as a territorial salesman for a factory store in Detroit, Mich. At the time, Yale didn’t have any privately-owned distributors. The manufacturer owned and operated 12 factory stores across the country. MacKinnon had a tireless work ethic born from delivering newspapers in the unforgiving Detroit winters as a child, and quickly advanced within the corporation, taking on a management role in the Detroit store. MacKinnon went on to adopt a “fixer” persona within the company. After his work in the Detroit store, he was tasked with turning around a factory store in Baltimore that was dealing with financial difficulty. He went on to do the same in Miami and Philadelphia. In 1978 he was promoted to North American National Sales Manager, in large part The Tides of Change MacKinnon’s new business promised to put his considerable fixing skills to the test. He inherited a dealership that had been through two bankruptcies, had a net worth of minus $1 million, 18 employees and $1.8 million in annual sales. “Anybody that had dealt with our dealership in the From Left: MacKinnon Equipment & Services VP Alex MacKinnon, Sales Administrator Allen Mason and Salesperson Todd Norris. Yale Lift Trucks of Florida & Georgia, Tampa, FL, circa 1980 20 MHEDA |

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Sucession Planning and the Emerging Generations: Five Trends You Need to Know
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The MHEDA Journal - Second Quarter, 2012