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COVER FEATURE ONBOARDING For a Successful Onboarding Experience… Be Prepared and Make Time for New Hires BY DEEANN PALIN I remember my first job after college. When I showed up at the Fortune 100 company on my first day, my new boss was out of the office; it was up to me to find a desk and phone I could use. When I got settled, I was handed a stack of papers to “enter in the system” and I went about assimilating from there. A memorable experience – for all the wrong reasons! What was your hiring and onboarding experience like? More importantly, what kind of environment are you creating when a candidate or freshly hired new employee shows up at your place of business? Do they know what’s expected of them and are you confident that you’ve hired the right person? Economic and business indicators say we are seeing some modest improvements in sales and business growth. With unemployment still more than 8 percent, it would seem you could hire a new employee rather easily. But there are challenges. First, after years of stalled employment, candidates and hiring managers are likely to be rusty in their selection and integration processes. In addition, there is a layer of unqualified technician candidates a company must filter out to select the best of the best. As MHEDA employers, you have several resources at your hands – from your online job search/job posting site to the many assessment tools and templates at your disposal. Before your hiring managers jump into the process, encourage your team to step back and answer a few important questions. Know What You Need What personality traits will be successful in your environment? Some material handling employees work directly and often autonomously with customers. Some may work in a shop with team members. Others may be required to work in the field diagnosing or setting up equipment. It’s important to understand what your service commitments are with your customers; the way your team members work together; and the type of job you are hiring for, including any competency gaps that may need to be filled. If you are hiring a technician, do you really need a master tech or could you create a mentoring process for a well-educated, responsible and professional technician who is newly certified? Who will this individual work for? Will this person be driving to or from the customer’s work site and will he or she need a driving record and background check? Take inventory of the answers to these questions. While you may have a generic job description, you will find that each hire is an opportunity to reshape your team dynamics and the skill mix of the team; and to raise the bar in professionalism, technical abilities and the level of your customer expectations. The MHEDA Journal | Third Quar ter 2 012 35

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The MHEDA Journal - Third Quarter, 2012