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Is 2012 the Year The funny-looking square barcodes have proven a valuable but rarely used tool in direct-to-consumer advertising. The problem lies in teaching marketers how to use them to their full potential. e 26 BY SARAH SAIN Electronic Retailer: Why should direct marketers take advantage of QR code technology? Direct marketers look for the quickest response possible to their advertising. Having a QR code in your ad will allow customers to scan and receive a response instantly. It can also provide a video of your DRTV ad or direct the consumer to your URL or straight to retail. It’s the wave of the future for all DR advertisers. The branding side is already utilizing this technology to maximize ROI. In addition, a quick response code is the instant onramp to a mobile engagement. It allows the consumer to instantly identify the product and specific call to action within an advertisement and engage, turning the consumer into a customer. Quick response codes allow us to take advantage of today’s mobile trends and turn an advertisement into a sale. QR codes are easily the most Even if you don’t know exactly what it is or how it works, chances are you’ve seen a QR code. QR, or quick response, codes are twodimensional barcodes that allow you to share text, URLs, videos and much more with anyone with a smartphone and a QR code reader. QR codes can be found on magazine ads, billboards, in-store displays, packing – even on television. The number of consumers who use QR codes has skyrocketed in the last year as the technology has been embraced by brands, retailers and the government. According to new research from Chadwick Martin Bailey, half of smartphone users have now scanned a QR code at least once. And smartphone usage itself is on the rise: The latest statistics from Google have smartphone penetration at 38 percent among consumers in the U.S. and France, 45 percent in the UK and 17 percent in Japan. So as consumers embrace the technology, they will develop a habit of scanning QR codes – that is, as long as marketers use them to create added value. Electronic Retailer spoke wit h Marianna Morello, president and CEO of Manhattan Media Services, and John Gagliardi, senior digital marketing specialist for DG3-Digital Marketing, about why direct marketers should start using QR codes now and how to maximize their potential within a direct response campaign. electronicRETAILER | April 2012 http://www.naylornetwork.com/era-nxt/

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Cover Story The Cleanup Hitter of DRTV Hampton Direct’s Steve Heroux is batting .600 in a medium where .200 would be considered outstanding. What’s his secret?
Is 2012 the Year of the QR Code? The funny-looking square barcodes have proven a valuable but rarely used tool in direct-to-consumer advertising. The problem lies in teaching marketers how to use them to their full potential. By Sarah Sain
The Power of Online Video Today, video doesn’t just refer to the infomercial or spot created for television. Instead, marketers say video created for the Web is a must-have for all DR campaigns. By Jacqueline Renfrow
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Electronic Retailer - April 2012