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MEMBER SPOTLIGHT BY ROBIN GREENSPAN The following companies have joined the Electronic Retailing Association and discovered the value of ERA membership. Read on to better understand the vast assortment of companies that help comprise this vibrant, fast-paced and growing industry. Who: explains Dodd. “It also provides unique resources in many disciplines that help us see new ways to solve problems. Exchanging ideas is how DDTV2 operates. That makes ERA a natural fit.” Account Director/Executive Producer Cindy Velsor adds, “We’re honored to be part of the ERA. These are some of the best minds in the business. We are making friends and building relationships that will profit everyone. It’s win-win.” Who: What: DDTV2 has an unmatched record of success in the DRTV industry. We provide our clients with results-driven creative, scripts, production, graphics, music, editing and account services. As a boutique operation, we also provide DRTV consultation services to clients that may have already completed a campaign but are not seeing the results they expected. Bob Dodd, the chief creative officer of DDTV2, has a wealth of experience in what it takes to get the response you deserve. We work directly with clients and advertising agencies to bring their DRTV visions to life. We also believe that DRTV campaigns are unique in that they are always evolving, and that’s why we pride ourselves on the highest level of account service. A few of our biggest categories of success include entertainment publishing, communication services, technology, financial services, health care, home security and weight loss, to name a few. Where: Dallas, Texas Web: www.ddtv2.net Who: What: DEFENDER Direct is world class at customer acquisition for top brand-name products and services that target homeowners. We have a worldclass marketing department currently monitoring more than 800 campaigns a month in shared mail, direct mail, mobile and internet marketing. We believe the key ingredient to running a successful marketing department is to always be looking for new ideas to test, measure and scale, and to continue to monitor those programs’ ongoing success. DEFENDER Direct is a strong advocate of the saying, “Businesses don’t grow… people do” and have implemented this by building a unique culture centered around each employee. Our four passions – self improvement, systems are the solution, building leaders and ever-expanding influence – act as a roadmap for making our employees the best they can be while being a part of our continued growth. Where: Indianapolis, Ind. Web: www.defenderdirect.com Why ERA: “To learn more about advertising opportunities in the DRTV space through networking, vendor access and education.” – Maura Kautsky, VP, Marketing What: Since 1965, the Jay Group has provided fully integrated, end-to-end, third-party logistics services. Our suite of services includes order fulfillment, contact center, contract packaging, distribution services and consumer promotions support. Between our two facilities in Lancaster County, Penn., we offer over a half-million square feet of fulfillment and distribution space, as well as more than 300 seats in our PCI-compliant contact centers. Backed by industry leading warehouse management systems and proprietary platforms, the Jay Group provides 3PL services to the DR industry, as well as industries such as pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, consumer products, food and beverage, building products and financial services. Where: Lancaster, Penn. Web: www.jaygroup.com Why ERA: “With the continuous growth of e-commerce and electronic retailing as a whole, ERA provides the greatest access to the broad range of marketers, suppliers and the who’s who of the DR industry. After a significant investment in our facilities, infrastructure and our supporting technologies, we look forward to providing outstanding service to the DR industry, and are 100 percent committed to becoming active members of the ERA community.” – Barry Appelbaum, Director of New Business Development Why ERA: “We are problem solvers, and the ERA is a wonderful source of marketing challenges and opportunities,” 60 electronicRETAILER | May 2011 http://www.jaygroup.com http://www.ddtv2.net http://www.defenderdirect.com http://www.jaygroup.com http://www.ddtv2.net http://www.defenderdirect.com

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Electronic Retailer - May 2011