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YOUR ASSOCIATION, YOUR BOTTOM LINE BY JULIE COONS Moxie Awards Honor the Industry’s Best O 8 electronicRETAILER | May 2011 Once again, the Electronic Retailing Association (ERA) will honor the best and most innovative campaigns in direct-to-consumer marketing when it hosts the ERA Moxie Awards Gala on Sept. 15 at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. There’s always a lot of excitement surrounding this annual event, and this year’s awards program will be no exception. What better way to conclude the 2011 ERA D2C Convention than with a gathering that celebrates marketing excellence? In early April, we officially launched our Call for Submissions campaign using a variety of platforms to reach out to the marketing community. The deadline for submissions and materials is June 6, and I do hope that you will participate. To access an Awards Submission Packet or for more information about purchasing tickets to this year’s Moxie Awards Gala, please visit www.D2Cshow.org. More than 30 awards will be handed out to companies and individuals for their outstanding achievements in television, radio, online and mobile. Some of last year’s notable winners include: P90X - The Answer, Best Long Form of the Year - over $250K; Amish Heat Surge Fireplace, Best Long Form of the Year - under $250K; Proactiv Solution: Katy Perry, Best Short Form of the Year - over $50K; and St. Jude’s Hospital “Milestones,” Best Short Form of the Year - under $50K. Another highly anticipated award is the ERA Volunteer of the Year, which recognizes an individual for his or her contributions to ERA and the industry at large. This particular presentation is very special to the ERA staff because it’s our opportunity to shine a spotlight on an individual. We realize our members are very busy tending to the day-to-day operations of their own businesses – so when a person willingly makes that sacrifice and devotes precious time to a committee or council, ERA believes that person is worthy of the attention. Previous recipients include: Jonathan Gelfand - 2010, Hal Altman - 2009, Jeff Meltzer - 2008, Mike Moreau - 2007 and Stacy Durand - 2006, to name a few. Who will be added to this list? You’ll have to attend the event in September to find out. Last year’s Moxie Awards Gala was especially memorable because it coincided with the 25th anniversary of the infomercial. It was wonderful to see many people in the audience who have been in this industry since the beginning. And in previous years, some of those pioneers have had the distinguished honor of receiving the award for Lifetime Achievement. This honor, which is not awarded every year, is presented to a deserving member or former member whose work has had a demonstrable impact on the industry and has been acknowledged as doing so by other colleagues in the industry and the general public. Past honorees include: Billy Mays, Earl Greenburg, Rob Woodrooffe, Tim Hawthorne, Greg Renker, Joe Segel, Suzanne Sommers, Mike Levey and Ron Popeil. As you can see, the ERA awards have become a coveted honor and long-held annual tradition. It brings together the industry for one night to pay tribute to the best campaigns and to the people who make a significant impact by continuously raising the bar in marketing excellence. Will you be among those names called this year? Well, as the adage goes: You can’t win if you don’t enter. So please send us your submissions by June 6. To learn more about the ERA Moxie Awards, visit www.retailing.org/ awards. I wish you the best of luck and look forward to seeing you at the 2011 ERA Moxie Awards Gala. http://www.D2Cshow.org http://www.D2Cshow.org http://www.retailing.org/awards http://www.retailing.org/awards

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