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PRESIDENT’SMessage by Cindy Fredlund, Camden Residential Services Let me start by thanking so many of you for doing your part to make our trip to Tallahassee a complete success! We broke past participation records with 156 people in attendance and more 100 visits to our state Representatives and Senators. There was representation from all across our state and from a wide variety of property management folks (REITs, IROs, owners, onsite employees) and outstanding support from our vendor/ associate members. Several people in our group brought their children, our future leaders! Local associations helped make it possible for us to make the trip by providing transportation; others sponsored food for the trip. FAA staff put together a very nice dinner for the group, while Ron Book and Kelly Mallete are responsible for inviting prestigious guests to speak at the dinner. Jeff Rogo and local association staff set up the over 100 visits to the Hill – a significant undertaking! Please remember to extend our gratitude to your company, which allowed you to take the time to be there. Be sure to let them know the important relationships we are building, which will allow us to continue to communicate with our legislative leaders in Tallahassee. This open line of communication there and your follow-up back home with your Representatives and Senators, will strengthen our efforts to have a positive impact on future legislation, which will save our industry millions of dollars in Do You Have a Settling Problem? In Florida, structures can settle for a wide variety of reasons. We have the expertise to stop the movement and put you back on solid ground. Call to schedule your free consultation. Pool Decks, Walkways, Slabs Buildings & More Clays, Organics, Sinkholes 727 232-8000 6551 Industrial Avenue Port Richey, FL 34668 - 6 l MultifamilyFLORIDA l SPRING 2010 the future. History has proven how successful we can be. It is difficult for me to believe it is already spring; time is flying by and I want to give you a reminder. A notice requesting nominations for FAA officers will be coming out. If you or someone you know is a great candidate to start up the ladder of leadership, please make it be known. It is critical to our success that we have representation from all our associations going through the leadership positions. I want to see some of our dedicated delegates and Lyceum candidates/graduates from a variety of associations step up and be considered to be an officer. If you want to discuss opportunities for the future, please contact me or Dan Allen, who is chairing our Nominating Committee. We need your unique perspective! As President I have had an opportunity to communicate with so many people. It is exciting to hear what everyone is doing at a local level, reinventing themselves and thinking outside the box. Check out the Web sites of your sister associations and be inspired by their ideas. Ask questions at your local meetings and at FAA, and make suggestions! Your ideas can help the apartment association grow. Last, I want to ask you to be sure and do what you can to financially support our APAC. In addition to your time, APAC needs your dollars. Talk to your local APAC rep to find out what your options are for contributions or go to the FAA Website APAC page to join online. Thanks again for your time and support. I look forward to seeing you all ● soon! 454483_Geo.indd 1 11/16/09 9:13:58 AM

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Multifamily Florida - Spring 2010
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Multifamily Florida - Spring 2010