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LEGISLATIVEUpdate Amendment 4 and Multifamily Rental Housing Additional Project Expenses, Costly Elections, Loss of Jobs by Jeff Rogo, Government Affairs Director Amendment 4 is the misguided, antigrowth, proposed rewrite of the Florida Constitution. It will appear on the ballot this November. The “Vote on Everything” initiative imperils Florida’s economy, is at odds with private property rights, and threatens to leave Florida’s multifamily housing sector in a permanent recession. If passed, Amendment 4 would require that any change to a city’s or a county’s comprehensive plan be approved by the voters. A local government’s comprehensive plan manages the jurisdiction’s future growth and development. The amendment subverts a wellestablished and democratic planning process while threatening Florida’s prospects for economic recovery. Amendment 4 will circumvent our representative form of democracy and trigger costly referenda on numerous projects each year. Are there extra dollars in your project pro forma to wage an expensive election campaign on every development project? Can you predict how the voters will respond when asked to decide on a high-density, multifamily project? Will you be able to finance the long delays and extraordinary legal bills that will accompany Amendment 4? Are you or your owner willing to wait several more months – or even years until after the scheduled election, dealing with the uncertainty of whether or not your project can move forward? During these difficult economic times, the last thing Florida needs is a constitutional amendment that will lead to the loss of jobs and a weaker economy. But that’s exactly what Amendment 4 will do. If passed, Amendment 4 will hurt every sector of Florida’s economy. A recent study by the Washington Economics Group shows that Amendment 4 is likely to cost over 260,000 jobs and reduce the state’s economic output by more than $34 billion per year. New businesses will find it harder to bring jobs to Florida. Existing businesses will find it tougher and more expensive to grow. You know the impact this loss of jobs will have on apartment occupancy. Support the “Vote NO on 4” Campaign with your dollars! I encourage you to visit the website for the Vote NO on 4 campaign - The Amendment 4 campaign has chosen a simple but deceptive message. They say that their idea will empower voters, rather than “greedy developers and corrupt officials.” However, Amendment 4 is really a Trojan Horse for special interests who want to stop growth, at any cost, and regardless of what the people say. The “Vote NO on 4” campaign is working to alert Florida voters to the facts: Amendment 4 will cost jobs, raise taxes, and lead to chaos at the polls. ● MultifamilyFLORIDA l SUMMER 2010 l 11

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