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LEGISLATIVEUpdate Who Says Advocacy Can’t Be Interesting? by Chip Tatum, CAM, NALP, NAAEI Faculty FAA Government Affairs Director WE’RE LISTENING The FAA Government Affairs Department is learning and listening all the time. For the past year, we’ve kept our ear to the ground to find out where we’ve fallen short in the past, what we’ve done well, and what you would like to see more of. Better yet, after gathering input from our members, the Legislative Committee and Board of Directors have wasted no time in directing us to implement and adapt our program to meet the needs of our membership. It’s a work in progress, but we have no doubt you will be proud of the changes made and the association you’ve decided to invest your time and resources in. presented to the Legislative Committee and Board of Directors and will be used to determine our agenda for the 2012 session. Better yet, the Government Affairs Department is undergoing significant upgrades to our grassroots capabilities through enhanced technology, legislative tracking software, and a much more informative and user-friendly website. We’re making it easier for you to keep track of our legislative efforts, and easier yet to “sound off” when we need your voice in the legislative process. COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY The strongest measure of an effective advocacy program is how invested those for whom you are advocating are in the program. As we begin to solidify our legislative priorities for 2012 and begin to work through session, you’ll have unprecedented access to the inner workings of the process and our progress. Be on the lookout for frequent (but not obnoxiously frequent) updates on the status of bills we are tracking, pending issues, and much more via email, videos, and a monthly conference call in which all members will be invited to participate. Stay tuned to the new as we announce these changes so you don’t miss out! You’ve heard the expression “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Advocacy is certainly no exception to that rule. To “OK, SO WHAT ARE THESE CHANGES?” I’m so glad you asked! One of the things we’ve heard loud and clear is that our members want to provide their input on the priority issues that are established for the Florida Legislative Session. In response to this need and desire, an electronic survey was distributed in June to the entire membership and passed on to the affiliates to promote as well. We were striving for maximum participation. You spoke loud and clear and we could tell right away that response to the survey was going to be strong from both onsite personnel and property owners. By the time you read this, the results of that survey will have been 6 l MultifamilyFLORIDA l SUMMER 2011 maximize your investment in association membership, don’t settle for being a passive participant in the process. We respect the fact that our members are busier than ever, but there is only so far we can go without your help. The good news is that there is something for everyone, no matter what it is you do for your company. Just responding to surveys that are released or participating in our letter writing campaigns (issue/need specific) is instrumental to our success. We also encourage you to participate in our annual legislative conference, Legislative Days, where FAA members from across the state converge on Tallahassee to promote our industry and agenda, and meet with elected officials and their staff. Not only is Legislative Days critical to our success, it’s also a lot of fun! More information will be forthcoming as we approach the conference. SESSION COMES EARLY 2012 is going to be a hectic year for our elected officials, and for all the interest groups (such as FAA) that will be competing for their time. Why? Great question! The 2012 session will begin in January this year instead of March because our lawmakers are redrawing state and congressional legislative districts. This only happens once every 10 years, and this time they are subject to new constitutional restrictions as a result of the “Fair Districts” constitutional

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