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PRESIDENT’SMessage by Susan Truesdale Winthrop Management Happy New Year! Winds of change are in the air as we begin the year’s labors. It’s an election year for every Florida legislator and we’ll have a presidential election in November, so I expect to hear lots of debate in the coming months. New legislative districts are being drawn in Florida that will last until they do it again 10 years from now. This may affect the identity of your local legislator. For the first time in years, comprehensive change is coming to Florida’s Landlord/Tenant law. We plan to have a strong say in that. In the association arena, former AAGO Executive Vice President Gary Scarboro has taken over as the association executive for SEFAA, while AAGO is choosing a new AE. Our locals have sent their new delegates in, so we’ll have some new faces on the FAA Board of Directors. By the way, another new thing is that representatives from locals to the FAA Board are called “directors,” not “delegates.” We feel that this terminology helps reinforce the notion that representatives to the Board have a vital role to play, both in making decisions that affect FAA activities and policies, and in communicating ideas between the local and state level. Your local directors should update the local boards on what’s happening with FAA, and they should be bringing ideas and major developments in your area to the FAA Board. This is something you should expect from those to whom you give the responsibility of FAA Director. And we’re happy to hear from them. Our FAA Legislative Days will be held earlier this year, on February 21-22. It will be at a new hotel, the Hotel Duval, which I am assured is a fun place to stay, and the cost is less than last year. We’ll also have people at the Aloft. Both are close to the Capitol. This is one of our most important and fun events, and we have been getting more people each year to attend. We have revamped the program somewhat, and we will have an evening event recognizing APAC donors. Several legislators will also attend. So if you haven’t given to APAC yet, please do so and you will be eligible to take part in a festive event. Speaking of APAC, I want to say something that not everyone will want to hear, but need to. We have done a very good job of providing the funds that enable us to give to legislators’ campaigns, which has provided us with access and cooperation we never would have had otherwise. We have also given to campaigns such as the fight against Amendment 4 last year. We do fun things like casino night and golf, and some people donate along with their dues, to make some of what we need. People like Chip Tatum, Kathy Ratchford, Mark Decker and Ron Book, our lobbyist, have done yeoman work in getting the money to do what we need. But we have really only scratched the surface. We give out what we make every year, but we don’t have a permanent reserve. We want to be more like the Florida Association of Realtors and other powerful organizations, and we can be. We have too many people who don’t give to the cause. It’s a cliché, but if every apartment manager who reads this gave $25 a year, we would have at least $50, 000. Is that really so much? We have association staff members who give that much. Our lobbyist gives quite a lot himself to APAC. Did you know that? We have many out-of-state owners and management companies who have properties in Florida, and who are vulnerable to all sorts of legal and regulatory changes that can cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, yet they aren’t making corporate contributions. This needs to change. Its a low-cost insurance policy for the owner and manager, it’s a commitment to your industry for anyone working in it. I would really like every person in the Florida Apartment Association to make a donation to APAC this year. You’re helping us, and you’re helping yourself. As always, I am available to hear your ideas and suggestions for improvement. Whether it’s FAA governance, a session at the conference, an activity you’d like to see us adopt, we need your input so we can serve your needs. MultifamilyFLORIDA l WINTER 2012 l 5

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