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LEGISLATIVEUpdate Look Out Tallahassee – Here Comes FAA! This time around, though, they are playing by a new set of rules thanks to Amendments 5 and 6, which were passed by the electorate in November 2010. These amendments require that districts be drawn without favoring a particular political party (among many other things). It’s a complicated process as it is and this only exacerbates the difficulty. As if redistricting were not enough, our elected officials also need to cut anywhere from 1.5 to 2 billion dollars from the budget. Leadership has pledged to not raise taxes or revenues once again this year, which means that the deficit will have to be overcome by cuts. These will more than likely come from programs and services that are valuable, or even crucial, to many Floridians, as there is virtually no fat to cut. Also on the table are destination casinos, primary and higher education reform, and much more. Of particular concern are several landlord/tenant law measures aimed primarily at reciprocity. Some of these are the result of a request for interest groups to submit what they felt were needed changes to Chapter 83 of the Florida Statutes. Many of these would serve to benefit the apartment industry, but many other provisions would jeopardize our business and subject some affordable housing providers to violation of federal law. We will monitor those bills relevant to our industry and discuss them with lawmakers and their staffs at FAA Legislative Days in February! effectively manage their communities in areas such as evictions, pest control, and much more. There may also be an opportunity to address the 45-Day Rule that negatively impacts some of our affordable housing providers. • Unlicensed Maintenance Activity – Throughout the state, our members have been subject to increasing scrutiny from state and local government officials into their onsite maintenance activities. Many of these have resulted in fines, permit requirements, and other enforcement actions. Many of these inspections have been the result of some contractors calling in complaints to DBPR and/or local code enforcement departments. The FAA Board of Directors commissioned a study and review of the current state laws/rules which was finalized in November 2011. The results of the research have been presented to the legislative committee, and we are now in the process of determining strategy and a course of action to address the issue. • Bed Bugs – The state has established a Bed Bug Task Force through the Florida Department of Agriculture to research and provide direction to address the bed bug epidemic. The FAA and NAA were invited to participate on this group, and our industry is leading in the pack in response and communications with respect to this issue. At this point, the Task Force is focusing on communication and best practices. by Chip Tatum, CAM, NALP, NAAEI Faculty Vice President of Government Affairs, FAA FAA LEGISLATIVE DAYS If you are a government affairs wonk like me, then you’re probably very excited that Florida’s Legislative Session has officially begun! Even if you aren’t giddy about it, you can still be excited that our annual trip to Tallahassee, Legislative Days, is just around the corner. This year’s conference has been moved to February to coincide with the early Legislative Session. We have lots on ye olde legislative radar screen this year, but first I’m going to tell you a little bit about how this year’s conference has been enhanced! First, the swanky Hotel Duval will now be our conference headquarters for rooms, the Legislative Briefing, banquet, AND our APAC Donor Appreciation event “Drinks, Desserts, and Donors.” The Hotel Duval was completely renovated and is now Tallahassee’s premier venue for lodging and dining - you’re going to be very impressed. Additionally, it’s significantly less expensive than our previous location at the Doubletree. Onsite, you have access to an awesome lounge (Level8), Shula’s Steakhouse, Starbucks, and much more. Second, we have an additional bloc of rooms at aLoft which is a block away from the Duval. It is a nearly brand new modern boutique hotel and is also very reasonably priced. STATE TRENDING ISSUES FAA is on the forefront of a host of new and reemerging issues and discussions in the state. If any of these issues of particular concern or interest to you or your company, please let me know. Many of them have “work groups” or tasks forces that you may be able to participate on. • Landlord/TenantLaw – As discussed previously in my Legislative Update, this issue will be on the forefront of our legislative efforts during the 2012 session. Many of the provisions strengthen a landlord’s ability to THE REST OF THE STORY These are just a few of the emerging issues that FAA is monitoring or actively involved with. We have technology in place to scan new bills, ordinances, etc. as they are presented, but we rely heavily on our members to bring issues of concern to our attention. If you are interested in getting more involved please contact me anytime. Thank you for your involvement in FAA and for your efforts to advance the apartment industry! MultifamilyFLORIDA l WINTER 2012 l 7 SO WHAT’S IN STORE FOR THE 2012 SESSION? As previously reported, this is going to be a contentious session for many reasons. First and foremost is that lawmakers will complete the process of reapportionment, which only happens once every ten years.

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