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Synergy Between Northeast Partnership, Pavement Managers By Eric Thibodeau n Iselin, N.J., in November, the Northeast Pavement Preservation Partnership (NEPPP) held its third official annual meeting, at the Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel. As in 2008, the Northeast Pavement Managers (NEPM) annual meeting was held in conjunction with the NEPPP meeting. The NEPM group was again pleased with the results of the joint meeting, and this practice will continue in coming years. Many of the attendees are involved in both pavement preservation and pavement management, and holding the meetings together makes travel arrangements easier and allows more people to attend these important meetings. The synergy developed between the two groups enhances both meetings. BUSINESS SESSION At the business session of the NEPPP meeting, the established succession planning for NEPPP officers and directors was finalized as Eric Thibodeau, from the New Hampshire Department of Transportation, assumed the Chair position. After a brief leave of absence from pavement management, Ed Naras from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation was reelected as a director and elected as agency vice chair. The former chair, Ed Block from the Connecticut Department of Transportation, was elected to serve as secretary/treasurer. Rod Birdsall from All States Materials Group will continue to serve as industry vice chair. The membership unanimously approved revising the by-laws to allow the vacant local agency director position to be filled with an agency member. As a result, Geoff Hall from the Maryland Department of Transportation was nominated and unanimously approved to serve as the new agency director. Also, Tom Bennert from Rutgers University was nominated and unanimously approved to serve as the academia director. TECHNICAL PRESENTATIONS Technical presentation included Micro-Surfacing Pool Funded Study Update, Preservation of Portland Cement Concrete Pavements, Crack Sealant Consortium Phase I Results, Use and Types of Crack Sealants for the Northeast, Thin Mix Overlays and Warm Mix Asphalt, and Volatile Organic Compounds. I Representatives from each of the NEPPP member states reported on the use of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) within their agency and how the ARRA impacted their pavement preservation program. It was interesting to learn how each of the agencies used funding from the ARRA program. Representatives from FHWA, the National Center for Pavement Preservation (NCPP), and FP2, Inc. provided updates on national pavement preservation initiatives, National Highway Institute preservation training courses, and regional profi ler calibration activities. For the NEPM portion of the meeting, Connecticut DOT’s Ed Block presented Integrating Pavement Preservation and Pavement Management using data and examples from their Pavement Management System (PMS). Alan Kercher from Kercher Engineering, Inc. presented Using a PMS to Optimize Your Pavement Preservation Program, using real data from a recently completed project for the County of Montgomery, Md. Readers will enjoy copies of the presentations, which are available on the NCPP web site at along with the meeting minutes. The minutes include the complete list of directors, an attendance list with contact information, the NEPPP’s By-Laws, and information on joining the NEPPP. The next combined NEPPP/NEPM meeting is scheduled for Nov. 17-19, 2010 in New Hampshire. For the next meeting, the NEPPP, in conjunction with the New England Transportation Technician Certification Program, will attempt to develop a construction inspector training/certification course for a preservation treatment and, with help from the NCPP, will be developing a database showcasing preservation projects that have been completed in the Northeast. The database will be made available at the NCPP web site and will be a valuable tool for states and industry for showing the cost effectiveness of pavement preservation. Please contact any of the officers or directors of the NEPPP to get involved. Additionally, for more information on the NEPM, contact Joe Huerta of FHWA’s Resource Center in Baltimore at Thibodeau is chair of the NEPPP, and is pavement management chief at the New Hampshire DOT. Spring 2010 pavement preservation journal PARTNERSHIPS

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