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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE By J. Baxter Burns, II President, FP2, Inc. Welcome to the New FP2 And while at writing virtually no information has been made available about what the U.S. Senate or the Obama administration specifically have planned for program reauthorization, right at deadline in early January we learned that keeping our transportation infrastructure in good repair will be one of a handful of key priorities for the new U.S. DOT. To us that means pavement preservation. STRONG PROMOTIONAL EFFORTS In addition to political advocacy, we will boost our promotional efforts. We’ll define a beneficial pavement preservation policy and advocate its adoption at all levels of government. We’ll prepare and distribute new promotional information, and create national, unified messages, all to support our new advocacy role in pavement preservation. We will continue to be very visible at all national and regional trade shows and conferences, and are committed to continuation of our financial support of the National Center for Pavement Preservation (NCPP). You will be able to learn more about all of these efforts by following us through our flagship quarterly publication, Pavement Preservation Journal, or by visiting our revised web site,, which has just undergone an “extreme makeover.” Our new slate of officers will work to make all this happen. They include Mike Buckingham, Strawser Construction, Columbus, vice president; Bob Koleas, Western Emulsions, Dana Point, Calif., secretary; Bill O’Leary, Martin Asphalt, Houston, treasurer; Jim Moulthrop, Fugro, Inc., Austin, executive director; and me. And to make sure all this happens, I will be contacting you individually for financial help in this regard. A close friend of mine likes to say, “If you are not making dust, you will be eating it.” Well, the time is here for us to make dust, that is, to make great, new beginnings in the industry of pavement preservation. Thank you in advance for your interest and your help in making these efforts to enhance pavement preservation succeed. Burns is executive vice president, Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, Jackson, Miss., and 2010 president of FP2. s of this January, FP2 has new goals, a new mission, and a new legal structure in which to pursue them. With this year’s transition of the former Foundation for Pavement Preservation, a charitable organization, to FP2, Inc., with a mission of promotion of pavement preservation, we are embarking on a fresh start. As the original foundation’s final president, Bill O’Leary, mentioned in these pages last year, every organization must stop and look not only into its rear view mirror, but at the dynamics of the present, as well as into the crystal ball of the future. In May 2009 our board determined that the foundation status as a public charity would not permit us to promote pavement preservation with the U.S. Congress in the ongoing surface transportation reauthorization debate “Inside the Beltway.” The result was the formation of a new entity, FP2 Inc., a non-profit trade organization that allows advocacy. FP2 Inc. will now have the ability to deliver far more to its supporters, without the restrictions of being a charity. Our mission now is to advocate national policies, promotional activities and research programs that advance pavement preservation. A YEAR OF ADVOCACY And what a year we have in which to promote pavement preservation! This year’s federal surface transportation reauthorization gives the pavement preservation community an ideal time to step up to the table and make our presence known. First and foremost, our Washington, D.C.-based firm, Williams & Jenson, PLLC, will be coordinating our pavement preservation message and delivering it to lawmakers on Capitol Hill. Our goal is to educate elected officials and to support legislative efforts that increase the awareness of the benefits of pavement preservation, and to enhance the FHWA’s and U.S. DOT’s ability to fund such programs at both the national and state levels. The U.S. House of Representatives’ reauthorization bill released in June 2009 already contains strong support for pavement preservation. Read about it in the article elsewhere in this issue, Let Pavement Preservation Be Part of Surface Transportation Reauthorization in 2010, by Williams & Jensen’s Joyce A. Rogers. Spring 2010 pavement preservation journal

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Pavement Preservation Journal - Spring 2010
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Conference Will Bring World of Pavement Preservation to Single Location
Let Pavement Preservation Be Part of SurfaceTransportation Reauthorization in 2010
Friction Restoration + Pavement Rejuvenation = Superior Surface
Town Controls Potholes, Costs with All-in-One Patch Truck
First Woman President of IGGA No Stranger to Grooving, Grinding
Texas Lassos PG, Rubber, Warm Mix Asphalts
Pavement Distress Guidelines Improve Ontario Management
Synergy Between Northeast Partnership, Pavement Managers
Experts Confront Dispute on Concrete Joint Sealing
High-Tech Repairs Give I-70 Viaduct New Life
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Pavement Preservation Journal - Spring 2010