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Congressman Visit to Repaver Plant Yields Big Dividends L ast year, FP2, Inc. began ramping up its outreach activities “inside the Beltway” as it brings awareness of the value of pavement preservation to SAFETEA-LU reauthorization. But on the local level back home, grassroots outreach can be just as effective. For example, stakeholders can impart their knowledge to staff and employees, with a goal of employees’ families and friends also becoming informed of the financial consequences of a reauthorization not favorable to the industry. Then, without instructing employees on how they should think or vote, they can urge this small army to contact its representatives and senators on the issues. And they can financially support candidates who will support reauthorization on industry terms, and support state and national coalition efforts to focus attention on reauthorization, like FP2, Inc. Then they personally can contact their own representative and senators and let them know the right position on reauthorization. And when Congress is not in session, they can invite a representative or senator to visit the business or a construction site, to make him or her aware of the stakes of reauthorization and the potential voters impacted. For example, in 2010 Western Emulsions, Inc. welcomed Rep. Harry Teague, D-N.M., to its new Roswell, N.M. plant. And in April 2011, Asphalt Recycling & Reclaiming Association member Cutler Repaving, Inc., Lawrence, Kan., welcomed its Rep. Lynn Jenkins, R-Kan. to its manufacturing plant. Cutler CEO Bob Veskerna and vice president-operations John Miles accompany Kansas Rep. Lynn Jenkins and her chief-of-staff Patrick Leopold while vice president-sales John Rathbun points out equipment detail VISIT TO LAWRENCE PLANT “Having our Congressional representative visit our office and manufacturing facility was never a consideration until the folks at Williams & Jensen, the law firm retained by FP2, Inc. to assist in the reauthorization of the next highway legislation, suggested it as a way to educate our representatives about the importance of the legislation,” said John Rathbun, Cutler vice president-sales. Kansas Rep. Lynn Jenkins tours Cutler Repaving, Inc. plant in Lawrence following invitation by John Rathbun, vice president-sales Therefore on Friday, April 22, Rep. Jenkins — representing the 2nd District — visited Cutler’s office and manufacturing plant for a 45-minute update on the importance of pavement preservation, as well as the benefits of recycling asphalt pavements. “All we had to do was ask, and she was more than willing to take the time during the Easter recess to stop by and learn more about our business and the environmental benefits associated with hot in-place recycling,” Rathbun said. “It is a fairly easy process of asking through either an e-mail or a letter, and then devising a simple plan to meet them and show off your business and employees.” Accompanied by her chief-of-staff Patrick Leopold, Rep. Jenkins arrived early in the afternoon and met with Rathbun and Cutler chief executive officer Bob Veskerna and vice president-operations, John Miles. They acquainted her with the history of the company, what pavement preservation is, and they discussed the ongoing battle for long-delayed reauthorization of the federal surface transportation program and how pavement preservation can prolong roadway life. The visit concluded with a tour of the plant. “I encourage everyone to take the plunge and invite your elected officials to your office to learn more about your business and the importance of highway reauthorization,” Rathbun said. “I think we need to promote these visits to our constituency because we need more contractors and suppliers to get on the band wagon with their congressional representatives. It’s not that hard. All you have to do is ask!” Fall 2011 pavement preservation journal 29

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President’s Message
Preservation Treatments Are Environmentally Sustainable
Elevation, Deicer Impacts Crack Sealant Performance
In-Place Recycling Saves Energy, Cuts Emissions
Micro Surfacing Solves Hurricane-Induced Rutting
New ‘Roadmap’ to Guide Pavement Management Progress in United States
Congressman Visit to Repaver Plant Yields Big Dividends
Make Plans for ‘Music City’, 2012 Preservation Conference
Ninth Transportation Asset Management Conference Planned for San Diego
New Guidance for Preservation of High-Volume Pavements
News Briefs
Ontario’s Preservation Strategy is Environmentally Sustainable
Engineering Characteristics of Prime Coats on Granular Base
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