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A New FP2 for Changing Times By Jim Moulthrop ig changes are occurring at the Foundation for Pavement Preservation (FP 2). As a result of a strategic planning session held in Atlanta in October 2008, and several planning task force meetings that followed in January and March 2009, FP2 has established new goals for the future of pavement preservation. In May, the board of directors decided that the status of the foundation — a public charity — would not permit us to fulfill a new key goal of advocating for preservation policies with Congress in the highway reauthorization bill. The result was the formation of a new entity, FP2, Inc., a non-profit trade organization that allows advocacy. FP2, Inc. will now have the ability to deliver far more to its supporters, without the restrictions of being a charity. We have already met with great acceptance, and current commitments for 2010 are more than double the financial support than in recent years. Our mission now is to advocate national policies, promotional activities and research programs that advance pavement preservation. FP2 The current Foundation for Pavement Preservation has sufficient funds to continue to participate in trade shows and provide financial support to the National Center for Pavement Preservation, as it has since the beginning of the center. It’s anticipated that these funds will expire at the end of 2009 and at that time the old foundation will be dissolved. IRS rules do not permit funds from the current foundation to be transferred to the new FP2, Inc. FP2, Inc., has retained a firm in Washington, D.C. to assist us in getting the preservation message to members of Congress, so that whatever legislation emerges in the form of a new transportation bill will contain the appropriate language to further our cause. In order to accomplish these goals, the officers of the new organization chose Jim Moulthrop to be the new executive director to replace the retiring Gerry Eller, who so ably guided the Foundation for Pavement Preservation for the past several years. Gerry now will have more time to spend golfing and fishing. Jim Moulthrop is the new executive director of the Foundation for Pavement Preservation (FP2). Extend pavement service life • Seal asphalt pavement • Increase binder durability Slow oxidation • Improve chemical fractions • Improve chemical composition Untreated Treated he need for pavement maintenance is signaled by dryness, brittleness and other visible signs of deterioration, such as loss of matrix, raveling, cracking and spalling. Reclamite rejuvenates asphalt pavement by replenishing the proper blend of maltene and asphaltene fractions to the asphalt that have been lost. Penetration values of the asphalt are increased. Aged asphalt is restored to near new condition, virtually equal to the original pavement. T TRICOR REFINING, LLC 661.393.7110 P.O. Box 5877 Oildale, CA 93388-5877 * TRICOR is a joint venture of San Joaquin Refining Co. And Ergon Inc. 40 386657_tricor_ad.indd 1 pavement preservation journal Winter 2009 7/3/08 9:44:58 AM

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Pavement Preservation Journal - Winter 2009
President’s Message
International Preservation Conference to Feature Flexible, Rigid Pavements
A Tribute to Jim Sorenson
Add Pavement Preservation to Boost Pavement Management
L.A. Street Preservation: It’s For, and About, the Public
StreetSaver Software Key to Bay Area Asset Management, Regional Fund Distribution
Integrating Pavement Preservation Practices
Revised Manual Provides Basics of Asphalt in Preservation
International Road Federation Hears from Lone Star State on Pavement Preservation
Iowa State Hosts Grad Course in System Asset Management
A New FP2 for Changing Times
Stimulus Package Boosts Preservation in Northeast
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Pavement Preservation Journal - Winter 2009