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E A RT H C R A F T H O U S E EcoLumina: a Model for Building Green By LaTaunynia Campbell, LEED AP, Southface Building green is increasingly becoming the only way to build for many builders because it increases overall product value and customer quality of life. This is the approach of EcoLumina House builder Matt Hoots of The Hoot Group, who builds all his projects using sustainable design and building principles. The EcoLumina House is the first Southern Building Show house to achieve EarthCraft House and LEED for Homes certifications. The green process requires a project to assess site needs comprehensively. A project team should seek previously developed sites to help reduce sprawl and minimize site disturbance. As an already developed infill site, the EcoLumina House manages erosion during both pre- and post-construction by recycling construction waste and then using it as aggregate, mulch or a soil amendment and by installing permanent terracing on slope areas. The use of native and drought-tolerant landscaping and efficient irrigation using rainwater helps reduce potable water use. Impervious surfaces are kept at a minimum to encourage on-site stormwater infiltration. The project implemented nontoxic pest control measures to eliminate the use of harmful chemicals. The EcoLumina House addresses water risks and energy loss by installing a prefab foundation system that is waterproof, fully insulated and air sealed. This system saves on materials and time by using one-third the concrete of standard foundations and reducing the time to assemble the complete foundation. The continuous insulation helps retard heat gain and loss, thus lowering the operating costs. EcoLumina House rendering, Caldwell-Cline Architects This project also uses a combined weather-resistive barrier and drainage membrane with integrated window and door flashing. This system keeps moisture out of the wall systems, and mold and other side effects are greatly reduced by controlling the flow of the moisture in the wall assembly. Much of the drinkable water used in a typical home is not used for drinking. Green building practices encourage finding other sources of water for non-potable usage. In addition to using high-efficiency toilets, low-flow showerheads and a tankless water heather, the EcoLumina House has some very unique ways of addressing this issue. The rainwater harvesting system collects 100 percent of the water from the roof, which is stored in an underground tank from which it is pumped through the constructed wetlands to begin the filtration process. The water is stored in a final tank until it’s needed and then goes through a particulate and What Inspired You to Build This House? We wanted more space for our young daughter’s room. Having remodeled once before while still living in the house, we opted not to go that route. The new homes we looked at were too big, too expensive and would waste far too much energy. As our awareness of the severity of the implications of global warming grew, what we increasingly wanted was an environmentally sensitive, healthy and comfortable home. Beyond that, we saw this project as a way to test and promote best practices relating to these environmental topics. We hope to develop some new technologies, too. This is an extension of a thought process I started 30 years ago when I wrote my business school thesis on the promotion of residential energy conservation. Back then, I saw the value of energy conservation in economic terms. Having young children significantly broadened and heightened our levels of concern. Using some existing technologies and creating some new ones, our team has come up with beneficial ways to conserve water and energy. Regardless of how those turn out, I think we’ll end up with that home that we want. —Bert Jones, EcoLumina home owner EarthCraft House Sponsors ATLANTA BUILDING NEWS 22 JUNE 2008 |

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