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MEMBER SERVICES Capitalize On Your Membership In conjunction with National Membership Month, the HBA went on the Hunt for New Members in May with great success. Our Membership Committee and Associates Council worked diligently to build recruitment teams and sign up new HBA members. We had a compelling incentive package to offer new members, courtesy of Comcast, A Plus Blinds and A Printers Ink, and Dec International sponsored the drive. Many thanks to everyone who helped out during the drive! New members are always important; they bring new ideas and excitement, new companies to do business with and create new leadership. As we move forward in 2008, the Membership Committee continues to welcome every new member to the HBA and help them get involved. But this year, in conjunction with the Associates Council, we’re expanding these efforts to get Every Member Involved. We want to touch base with every member this year—whether to thank them for their involvement over the years if they regularly attend events or encourage them to get involved and take full advantage of their membership. Of course, many of you are happy to have your insurance plan, your annual membership directory and your monthly Atlanta Building News magazine, but we want every member to know that they are a valuable part of the HBA. When our members know that they receive a solid return on their membership investment, we will know that we have done our jobs well. If you haven’t yet participated in our events or education classes in 2008, make a commitment to do so. Our chapter meetings, councils, golf tournaments, general membership meetings and volunteer opportunities are great chances to meet other members and build business relationships. You’ve already made the financial investment, so why not take advantage of the benefits? Visit to see all our upcoming classes and events and to register to attend. 379271_Construction.indd 1 29 4/17/08 9:15:10 PM

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