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PROJECT PROFILE: Tidwell Construction ecting Conn Banks the By Rick Woelfel ality Tidwe b ld s fe Tidwell builds safety, qu ver over the Oostanaulah Ri he Oostanaulah River flows through northwest Georgia, where it joins the Etawah River in Rome to form the Coosa. The Tidwell Construction Company has made a specialty of deep-water bridge projects over the past 85 years, including several over the Oostanaulah. The company’s latest endeavor is a twolane bridge that when finished will span the river a few miles north of Rome. Construction started in December 2010 and is expected to be completed early in 2012. The 680-foot structure will span the river some 40 feet above the water. It will be 49 feet, 2 inches wide, with one lane of traffic in each direction and a walking path on each side. As bridge projects go, this one is fairly modest. But no bridge project can ever be called routine. The reason is the water. The Oostanaulah is dam-controlled, but a considerable amount of water also flows into it from watersheds. Flood stage in the 6 | GEORGIA TRANSPORTATION BUILDER T

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President’s Message
Commissioner’s Message
Connecting the Banks
Done Fast, Done Right Matthews completes I-75 paving ahead of schedule
A Bridge to Somewhere
Protect The Bottom Line
Safety Stand Down Week
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Georgia Transportation Builder - Fall/Winter 2011