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President’sMessage We’re Not Licked By Richard A. Dykes, GHCA President G reetings to all GHCA members and associates. Though most of us are disappointed with the outcome of the TSPLOST referendum, it’s not over and done with for good. While only three regions voted to accept this revolutionary form of funding (thankfully, my home region was one of those), my hope is that these three regions can proceed with their projects, and the respective new funding for them, and thereby show the rest of the state that the TSPLOST can work. These projects can be a great incentive for the regions where it was not passed. Certainly, Georgia’s voters now have more knowledge of the needs of Georgia’s transportation infrastructure. And, if we continue to educate, the next opportunity can have more positive results statewide. Thank you to each person, individually and as members of this Association, who worked diligently, through contributions of money and time, for this proposal. I can assure you that the members and staff of GHCA did everything possible to support the TSPLOST campaign. In reality, we may have done too much to keep the issue in the forefront, as we saw the largest primary voter turnout in history in a year that the governor’s race was not contested. I’d also like to thank Commissioner Golden for his acknowledgements and assurances to each city and county that the TSPLOST will proceed and operate exactly as defined by the legislation, which created it. In addition to the additional funding that will be created in the three passing regions, we also saw a two-year reauthorization of the Federal Highway Program. This, coupled with state motor fuel funds, should translate to a slight increase in GDOT’s regular construction program. This news is a welcome bright spot for our industry as we continue to work closely with GDOT to find every additional dollar available for construction projects. I can’t say enough about how Commissioner Golden and his staff continue to work diligently with us at GHCA to deliver as many projects as possible in an environment of cooperation. Through that cooperation we are making welcomed strides forward on many of our industries top issues concerning contracting, specifications, utilities, and insurance. We have also been very involved with GDOT to improve the DBE program; as an industry, we must do a better job reporting DBE participation, including final reports outlining race-conscious or raceneutral participation by DBE-certified subcontractors. By doing a better job recording this participation on every project, we will better demonstrate the high DBE participation we contract on our projects. As you know, all of these issues are critical to how we do business, and our collective voice continues to be heard through this Association. Our many committees continue to meet and address industry issues concerning, grading, utilities, safety, and other construction-related issues. I am grateful to each committee member for their efforts on behalf of our Association and its respective members. Our Association Executive Director and our Board do an excellent job of staying abreast of legislation and maintaining positive relationships with our elected officials. But we cannot rely on them to make all the personal contacts necessary for keeping our businesses and industry viable. It is imperative that we speak with our elected representatives, at every level, often and regularly. It is especially important that we encourage our local officials to stay on top of all legislation that will impact revenue coming into the local districts. ● Keep on workin’, Ricky “I can’t say enough about how Commissioner Golden and his staff continue to work diligently with us at GHCA to deliver as many projects as possible in an environment of cooperation.” FALL/WINTER 2012 GEORGIA TRANSPORTATION BUILDER | 9

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