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President’sMessage Iron Sharpening Iron By Michael G. Williams, GHCA President consider the opportunity to serve as President of GHCA the next two years an amazing honor and the ultimate voice of confidence from all of you as my peers and friends. I am reminded in part from our association’s Mission Statement: we are “To act as a representative body in placing before public officials, engineers, the general public and other organizations, the viewpoint of the contractor in matters of mutual interest.” Everyone in our beloved industry has, in the past two to three years, faced challenges that have arguably been the most difficult in our entire history. We have collectively seen work opportunities diminish, profit margins relative to risk retreat, and faced layoffs or terminations of valued employees at levels also never experienced before. Employees who were also friends are daily facing the prospects of being laid off of work and, quite honestly, this season of life for many of us has become just heart-breaking. I We will move forward together faster than we will move forward as individuals. “The viewpoint of the contractor in matters of mutual interest” has become much, much more than mere words in our Mission Statement; they are motivating words of accountability to your hardworking, dedicated leadership team. In recent years, I have personally witnessed countless hours of dedication, hard work, discernment and wisdom applied to the mutual maters of interest of the membership of this association. Many hours of deliberation have been spent together—iron sharpening iron—to determine the collective course and direction we should take together as an association, with careful consideration of the consequences to each individual member. This balance often requires the participation and cooperation of the “body” to take care of the “parts.” I firmly believe your leadership team will continue to make timely, quality decisions on your collective behalf in these most challenging times. As of this writing, our State of Georgia is facing unprecedented financial decisions in all areas of interest to our fellow citizens, including transportation concerns and issues. Proper funding of our infrastructure needs is not questioned; political will and fortitude to fill those needs remains a work in progress. We can all only hope and pray that leadership will soon evolve to a point of conservatively but aggressively matching resources to needs. I was once told by my late father to “never promise something you might not be able to deliver.” I have tried to utilize the wisdom of these words in my organization for many years. Today, I would only promise to each of you my dedication to the position for which you have placed your trust in me, the promise to communicate clearly, openly, and honestly to you “what we know, when we know it,” and be consistent and fair in leadership decisions recognizing the effects of such decisions on our collective membership vs. any singular member. We will move forward together faster than we will move forward as individuals. To that end, we will actively request your ongoing input and continued dedication to remain a member of this organization, which has served the contractors of this state well since 1937. I personally want to thank you in advance for each of you and the anticipated positive contributions that you will individually and collectively make to our association these next two years. Please call upon me anytime, anyplace when you wish to make a positive contribution of time, ideas, or perspective to the success of our industry. I look forward to your mutual respect and historical cooperation. ● SUMMER 2010 GEORGIA TRANSPORTATION BUILDER | 7

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Georgia Transportation Builder - Summer 2010
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Georgia Transportation Builder - Summer 2010