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Commissioner’sMessage Legislative Session Yields Collective Effort By Vance Smith, Georgia DOT Commissioner he governor, lieutenant governor and the speaker of the House, the leaders and members of the House and Senate transportation committees, the state transportation board, local elected officials, civic organizations and business groups like the Georgia Highway Contractors Association all continued their tradition of coming together to improve our state’s transportation system during the 2011 legislative session. Since the Transportation Investment Act 2010 (TIA) became law, the department – especially the planning division – has been working hard visiting stakeholder groups and communities across the state. The opportunity to fund Georgia’s transportation infrastructure in a way that has not been possible for several years is a hot topic in all 12 regions. There is much interest in the proposed regional tax in rural and urban areas across the state. The TIA established a regional roundtable in each of the regions, elected an executive committee and developed and approved project criteria for each region. After each was completed, the department’s planning division issued T a call for projects to be considered for funding through the regional tax. All projects were compiled into a consolidated list by the regional commission and then forwarded to the planning division. On June 1, the planning division returned a list to each regional roundtable’s executive committee of all the projects eligible for consideration under the TIA. Now, the executive committee’s difficult job begins. The committee is charged with the task of narrowing the list of projects down to a list that is financially feasible and matches the anticipated revenue collections from the regional tax. The draft project list selected by the executive committee must be presented to the regional roundtable for approval or modification by Aug. 15. Once a final list has been approved by the regional roundtable, it is ready to be presented to the public for review prior to being on the voting ballot in summer 2012. All of us must work together to inform our citizens about the benefits of this new plan and the many transportation projects it will support across Georgia. Local communities will benefit, which in turn will benefit the entire state. The potential positive impact from passage of the TIA by each region is undeniable. The department has continued, and will continue, to deliver projects through our regular annual work program. We must move forward with our overall transportation goals despite the fact that funding has declined in the past several years. We have been encouraged by the recent increase in motor fuel tax collections, and hope that the trend continues for the coming fiscal year. We depend on these funds to move projects forward and increase our maintenance programs to meet the growing needs of our state. Georgia’s Department of Transportation employees strive every day to find ways to stretch our resources, capitalize on every available federal dollar, and identify innovations in transportation that will allow us to give Georgia’s citizens the best transportation system possible for today and the future. ● New GAPA Officers Confirmed, President Named THE GEORGIA ASPHALT PAVEMENT ASSOCIATION (GAPA) is proud to announce the election of the following officers and board members for 2011 President – Brian Lawrence, C.W. Matthews Contracting Co., Inc. Vice President – L. Arnie Pittman, III, Pittman Construction Company, Inc. Treasurer – Ferrell Scruggs, Jr., The Scruggs Company, Inc. Secretary – J. Bruce Melton, Oxford Construction Company, Inc. Directors Robert Royal – APAC First Coast Division John Harrison – Baldwin Paving Company, Inc. C. Arland Carroll – Carroll & Carroll, Inc. Jim Dykes – Dykes Paving and Construction Jimmy Camp – E.R. Snell Contractor, Inc. Van Dykes – Everett Dykes Grassing & Construction Co. Clyde Shepherd, III – Plant Improvement Company, Inc. Dan Garcia – Reeves Construction Company Robert Wolford – Robinson Paving Company, Inc. Donald B. Stewart, Jr. – Stewart Bros., Inc. T.A. (Bud) Wilfore – Yancey Bros., Inc. 8 | GEORGIA TRANSPORTATION BUILDER

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