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how i obtained justice for my client Nathan Polite v. Double View Ventures and Westdale Management, LLC. O n Sept. 14, 2012, we obtained a $5,250,000 verdict on behalf of our client, Nathaniel Polite, in an inadequate security case that presented numerous factual and legal challenges. In 2007, Nathan was shot in the back as he ran away from two assailants on a path between his apartment complex and a neighboring Chevron gas station. The facts surrounding the shooting gave the defense ample opportunity to argue that Nathan must have been up to something (i.e., “targeted”) when he was shot. And Georgia’s Apportionment BY NELSON TYRONE Statute, O.C.G.A. § 51-12-33(c), left the very real possibility that even if we proved liability and damages, the jury’s apportionment of fault would leave Nathan without any recovery. Most lawyers I talked with just shook their heads when I told them about the case. And to offer some insight into how the defense saw the case, the offer to settle at mediation, with one of Atlanta’s top mediators, topped out at $120,000. 8 Georgia Trial Lawyers Association

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How I obtained Justice for My Client: Nathan Polite v. Double View Ventures and Westdale Management, LLC.
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Verdict - Winter 2013