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feature Legislative Relationships: BY BILL CLARK The Key to Legislative Results F 26 ollowing a successful 2010 legislative election effort — a strategically organized effort in which GTLA members and the Civil Justice PAC of GTLA increased our provision of election year assistance to legislative candidates of both political parties and to the legislative leadership of both political parties — your GTLA was well-positioned to preserve and protect the Civil Justice System in Georgia when the 2011 legislative session began. Executive Committee, contributed to GTLA’s ability to have a successful 2011 legislative session. These two efforts served to expand GTLA’s ability to identify and employ key contacts with many, many legislators across the State. Those key contacts consist of lawyers who have solid, mutually beneficial relationships with legislators who serve as allies of the Civil Justice System or who, at a minimum, are no longer inclined to work against GTLA and our efforts to preserve the Civil Justice System. The identification and enhancement of these relationships served our members and our members’ clients well in the 2011 legislative session. And, since shortly after the conclusion of the session, your GTLA Legislative Team worked This collective election effort played a significant role in securing Legislative Leadership’s opposition to assaults on the Civil Justice System. Their discouraging others from attacking the Civil Justice System and GTLA’s hard work throughout the legislative session prevented any major assaults on the Civil Justice System from getting started — and enabled GTLA to stop all of the minor assaults that were attempted — during the 2011 legislative session. Additionally, GTLA’s “236 Legislative Outreach Project” and the “Lawyer of the Day Program,” both initiatives conceived by and put into action by GTLA President Michael Warshauer and the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association

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Let the Jurors Be Heard
A Rule Needing Limits: The “Right For Any Reason” Rule
Speaking Out of Turn: Ex Parte Interviews With Plaintiff’s Treating Physicians
GTLA 2011 President’s Gala: In Pictures
Legislative Relationships: The Key to Legislative Results
Welcome to the Federal Rules of Evidence: Georgia’s New Evidence Code
Judicial Spotlight: Reflections from the Bench
Book Review: The Fall of the House of Zeus
How I Obtained Justice for My Client: Cranford v. Ernest Homes
Technology Update: Securing Justice for Victims of Negligence? There’s an App for That!
Lessons from the Listserver: Is Defendant Driver History Permissible
Recent Updates in Workers’ Compensation
Welcome New GTLA Members!
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Verdict - Summer 2011