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O Feature Economic Crisis or Golden Opportunity? You Decide. By Dr. Paul Stimson W hile today’s business environment may not be very desirable for growth, it does offer opportunities that would be difficult to take advantage of in more robust times. After months of helping client companies strategize on how to survive this economic crisis, we have unearthed some genuine opportunities that many organizations are successfully leveraging to make significant positive changes. In the spirit of looking for the silver lining in every cloud or making lemonade when life gives you lemons, consider whether your organization could capitalize on any of our Top 10 Opportunities that this economic crisis has made available. We offer a collection here for you to consider. Top 10 Opportunities in Today’s Business Environment 1. Bring out Your Dead(wood) To parody the famous line from Monty Python’s Holy Grail, the need to cut costs provides an opportunity, perhaps even a mandate, to Bring out the Deadwood that has been hiding in your organization for some time. Not only do these under-performers not deliver the results NETWORK O Spring 2010 The good news about the bad times is you don’t have to settle for someone who can do the job well but makes everyone around him/her miserable. O 19

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Network - Spring 2010
Table of Contents
HRIA President’s Message
Recognizing Excellence in HR
Alberta HR Conference
Economic Crisis or Golden Opportunity? You Decide.
Advancing in the Right Direction: Maintaining Employee Optimism During Recession
Re-energize Your Employees Without Breaking the Bank
HR and the Post-Recession Landscape
Is the Workforce in Limbo?
Current Economic Conditions Breed Good Management
Learning Agility in Times of Change
Preparing for Economic Recovery – Alternatives to Terminations
The HR Office
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Network - Spring 2010