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O Feature Learning Agility in Times of Change By Kathy Woods and Jennifer Archibald hile the recession has seen many Canadian organizations shed jobs, other s see downturn and layof fs as the normal cycle of business and an opportunity to build their talent infrastructure. Why? They know high-potential employees are the “secret ingredient” and that retaining, developing and engaging them will drive overall business performance and ensure the talent is in place to weather the downturn. W Leveraging learning agility Identifying high potentials is key, and one future success metric that’s attracting more attention is learning agility. Learning agility measures not just an individual’s past performance but also how they tackle first-time or changing circumstances in the future. Learning-agile people thrive in tumultuous, ambiguous environments like the current recession. And research shows learning agility—learning how to deal effectively with first-time or changing situations—is more predictive of long-term potential or performance than raw intelligence. People who are highly learning agile learn from both success and failure. They seek out and respond to feedback and demonstrate high levels of selfawareness. On the job, learning agile people look for a variety of experiences and challenges. They have “zigzag” careers, characterized by many firsts and some failures. And, when they have experienced failure, they respond by learning new skills and new ways of thinking. They then apply their learning to the new and different situations they face in the future. Combining the concept of learning agility with the challenges we face in the current economy, there are three opportunities for organizations to leverage the economic situation as an opportunity for talent development. People who are highly learning agile learn from both success and failure. 42 O NETWORK O Spring 2010

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Network - Spring 2010
Table of Contents
HRIA President’s Message
Recognizing Excellence in HR
Alberta HR Conference
Economic Crisis or Golden Opportunity? You Decide.
Advancing in the Right Direction: Maintaining Employee Optimism During Recession
Re-energize Your Employees Without Breaking the Bank
HR and the Post-Recession Landscape
Is the Workforce in Limbo?
Current Economic Conditions Breed Good Management
Learning Agility in Times of Change
Preparing for Economic Recovery – Alternatives to Terminations
The HR Office
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Network - Spring 2010