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O Feature Preparing for Economic Recovery – Alternatives to Terminations By Lisa Bolton n today’s economic environment the need to reduce workplace costs often causes nonunionized employers to consider and carry out employee terminations. While this can certainly be effective in reducing ongoing payroll obligations, it does not necessarily offer the best long-term solution to surviving an economic downturn because it does not help position the employer for eventual economic recovery. This article looks at creative alternatives to I help employers reduce costs in tough economic times, and also prepare for economic recovery. Temporary Lay-off Where the need for a workforce reduction is expected to be of short duration, a temporary lay-off, although not often used in a non-unionized workplace, can be a useful alternative to a termination. Unlike a termination, a temporary lay-off, where permitted, allows an Timely communication with employees throughout the process of change is critical to minimize disruption in the workplace and foster positive employee morale. NETWORK O Spring 2010 O 45

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Network - Spring 2010
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HRIA President’s Message
Recognizing Excellence in HR
Alberta HR Conference
Economic Crisis or Golden Opportunity? You Decide.
Advancing in the Right Direction: Maintaining Employee Optimism During Recession
Re-energize Your Employees Without Breaking the Bank
HR and the Post-Recession Landscape
Is the Workforce in Limbo?
Current Economic Conditions Breed Good Management
Learning Agility in Times of Change
Preparing for Economic Recovery – Alternatives to Terminations
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Network - Spring 2010