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The HR Office Really, the first sign should have been the stilettos... I was interviewing for a Shipper-Receiver position (a very hands-on warehouse job, advertised as a dusty, dirty and noisy work environment) and my next applicant showed up in stiletto boots. I thought maybe she just wanted to dress up for the interview. I asked her to tell me about herself and she said, “I’m a Taurus.” When I asked about her computer experience, she tapped her head and told me, “It’s all in here, Toots.” Then, I walked her through the warehouse to show her what the job entailed and she nearly fainted when she saw our Shipper-Receiver hop on a forklift and unload a truck. “These don’t get dirty!” my applicant screamed, showing me her perfect manicure, and left. It took her a long time to storm out of the building in those stilettos, so everyone in the warehouse got to enjoy the show. Position Power goes sideways? The organization had as one of its strategic mandates to increase market share through a robust full day customer service training program which was, without exception, to be successfully delivered to all employees. One of the program tenets in this service-centric company was that “everyone has a customer” whether it be internal or external. The program sponsor was the HR VP who reportedly had instructed the course facilitator to advise him directly of any employees who did not appear to exhibit the right customer serviceoriented values – anyone who did not “get it.” The program was progressing successfully when one of the HR Business Partners (HRBP) received a call from “Bob,” a distressed six-year employee who wanted to know why he had just been fired, without cause. Not being aware of the termination whatsoever, the HRBP followed up with the employee’s immediate manager to learn that the manager was also not involved in the decision but had been told it was made by higherups based on the individual’s unacceptable behaviour in the recent customer service training. Apparently, Bob had steadfastly maintained throughout the day’s various learning exercises that “he really had no customers” much to the chagrin of the trainer. The HRBP further learned that other than the events at NETWORK O Spring 2011 O 47

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Network - Spring 2011
HRIA President’s Message
Legal Precedents Clarify Accommodation Procedure
Thank You!
Accommodation: Have a Plan and Stick to It
Disability Management and Duty to Accommodate: The Need for Good Documentation
Accommodating Disability, Not Bad Behaviour
Common “Mistakes” In Accommodation and How to Avoid Them
Case Studies: Managing Workplace Back and Neck Injuries
Accommodating Addictions in the Workplace
Duty to Accommodate – Employee Responsibilities
The Separation of Church and Work
When to Cut Sick Staff Off
The HR Office
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Network - Spring 2011