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Energy to the forefront of corporate thinking as the implications of human, environmental and economic strain and depletion become frighteningly apparent. In an increasingly fast paced and constantly changing corporate landscape, it can be difficult to find the time, the clarity or the focus to refill the tank, let alone re-read the map. Organizations can waste a great deal of time, energy, Learning to thrive not just survive using integrated focus By Jennifer Walinga MANAGEMENT Sustainability has moved and resources solving the wrong problems or just putting out fires. Yet, adversity and change can also fuel performance. More than ever it is crucial to thrive, not just survive, in an increasingly stressful workplace. In order to thrive amid uncertainty and effectively navigate the turbulence of change it is important to get better, not at slowing down, but at speeding up. According to the law of energy conservation, energy is neither created nor destroyed To thrive amid stress we must come to understand our perfect human system, learn to optimize our cognitive, emotional and physiological energy, and realize the power of a valuesbuilding integrated focus as opposed to a threat-controlling focus. NETWORK Summer 2009 21

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Network - Summer 2009
HRIA President’s Message
Celebrating Excellence Award Winners
HRIA Conference Chair’s Message
Conference Wrap Up
Conference Photo Gallery
Leading Change Through Dialogue
Energy Management
Lessons Learned
All Work and No Play?
Driving Change with Behavioural Leadership
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Network - Summer 2009