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O Feature Strategic Human Resources: Avoiding Circular Conversations By Paul M. Meese, M.A., SPHR e’ve been talking about making Human Resources strategic for decades, but organizational readiness, resistance to change, and complicated and expensive technology issues continue to get in the way. When you are at a conference, there are moments when you truly relate to a speaker. You understand exactly what the person is saying, almost as if they were using your organization as a model. The topic may be strategic human resources, general business W Numbers, charts and “beans” are the WOW factors that show impact to the bottom line—and the bottom line affects everyone. 16 O strategy, the impact that technology can have in the workplace, or how efficiencies can drive more money to the bottom line. You, as a sitting HR professional, have a larger challenge in front of you following the conference—choosing your moment to bring these strategic human resources thoughts forward in your company. I know how you feel. You’ve been through this more than once. You start a conversation with the “C” people (COO/CEO/CFO) upon returning from a conference, or you’ve been asked to “clarify” your request for a budget increase to cover HR expenses. What you get is the chance to focus on the two big Rs: Recruitment and Retention. If you’re lucky, you may even get to talk about—dare I say it?— succession planning. Then, as you walk back into your office, reality smacks you in the face as if you had forgotten to open the door when you turned the corner. You realize you were given lip service—again. The reality is that nothing has changed. Bummer. Now, what can you really do to make a strategic human resources difference? How about making a plan? Maybe even issuing a challenge to yourself? Now you are truly committed to making the strategic process move forward, rather than in circles. Let’s use a technology solution as an example. Strategic Human Resources: The Hurdles • Hurdle One: WIIFE (What’s In It For Everyone). You attended the training session, got the materials, and did a walk-through on the presentation. Your COO is still thinking, “Yeah, but what does this have to do with me and my people? Just get out there and recruit the talent I need.” NETWORK O Summer 2010

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Network - Summer 2010
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Strategic Human Resources: Avoiding Circular Conversations
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Network - Summer 2010