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O Feature Leading with Emotional Intelligence By David Cory, M.A. here are the leaders who inspire us, motivate us and make us feel like we can achieve great things? Where are the leaders who, when present, induce us to feel a sense of self-confidence, cause our self-worth to rise and make us genuinely feel like we ‘belong’? Where are the leaders who make us feel good? We feel like we do our best work for people with these qualities. We don’t want to leave leaders who make us feel these positive emotions. I suggest that leaders with these qualities are out there, but it is also safe to say that the world could use more of them. This paper will make the case for the development of skills related to emotional intelligence, which need to be developed to create more leaders who are able to inspire workers for maximum organizational effectiveness. What do good leaders do? I have asked this question of hundreds of managers in the years that I have been delivering leadership workshops all over the world and the lists are always very similar no matter where I go. I ask managers to think of the best boss they ever had and I ask them to It is incumbent on leaders, and the HR professionals who support them, to understand how to help managers become inspired and inspiring leaders. W 18 O NETWORK O Summer 2010

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Network - Summer 2010
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Network - Summer 2010