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O Feature Innovate or Evaporate The time to act is NOW! By Bob “Idea Man” Hooey s an HR professional, when would be the best time to innovate within your organization? The short answer is now! The gap between imagination and achievement or actualization has never been shorter. Beginning somewhere is always preferable to waiting while your team weighs the options and while the organization goes bust or gets left in the dust by competitors who are being innovative and creative in this volatile market. Gary Hamel, author of Leading the Revolution, advocates that “radical innovation is the competitive advantage of the new millennium.” With the aftermath since 9-11, the Enron fallout, Iraq and Afghanistan, the massive bailouts, and a shaken economy, a wake up call was certainly in order. No doubt you’ve seen your industry hit and perhaps your organization has been forced to make major changes. You may be faced with the challenge of doing even more with much less. How do you deal with these challenges and still remain competitive? Productive change and a commitment to innovate can be challenging to implement, considering some organizations’ mental constraints and “stuck in the mud” mindsets. J.K. Galbraith, noted economist, once shared, “Faced with the choice of changing one’s mind and proving there is no need to – almost everyone gets busy on the proof.” This is where you, as the HR professional, can step in and lead the way to keeping your organization and its teams equipped and motivated to grow and succeed, in spite of external challenges. A Innovation must find courageous leaders who are willing to challenge the status quo and their own fondness for specific process. Everyone needs to be involved in anchoring and implementing necessary changes for growth. Partial commitment to innovation is commitment to failure. There needs to be a willingness to listen to and act on the change plan that comes from this innovation process. Again, this is where you can provide much needed guidance and leadership to both your fellow leaders and your teams. This is where you have the opportunity to make a definitive difference in the culture and the management mindset of your organization. This is where you can play a pivotal role in the future survival, growth and success of your team. O 31 NETWORK O Summer 2010

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Network - Summer 2010
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Network - Summer 2010