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The HR Best “Man” for the Job Office I work in a manufacturing plant and the functions here are press operations, welding and shipping. The raw materials and products can weigh up to 70 lbs each. As you can well imagine, our employee base is primarily men. We have had a few women—and fantastic employees at that! Despite this fact, I had a supervisor tell me that I needed to hire big burly men for the press operations. You see, the fantastic women press operators we had were small in stature, shorter than 5’ 4”, and weighed in soaking wet at about 120 lbs. I couldn’t fathom his request. Those women were among the top 5 best operators and employees we’ve ever had. I asked if there was a problem with their performance. He said no, and conceded they were amazing—but said we still needed to hire burly men. Still scratching my head and starting to dread this going down the discrimination route, I asked, “And why is that?” His reply: “So they can sling stuff around.” Now, so you don’t get a mixed message, our BFOR must be able to lift 35 lbs on their own; for H&S reasons we don’t let anyone singularly carry anything heavier. Needless to say, I told him that no, we would hire the most qualified person no matter their race, gender or stature. This still just messes my mind— I laugh thinking about exactly how I would put that request into the agency or place an ad saying “only big burly men need apply.” Come on! Really? And as a side note, the supervisor is a smart and educated person—not exactly who you might picture making such a request. O This Looks Clean Several years ago, I was an HR Administrative Assistant. One of my duties was to speak with people who were dropping off a resume. One day I was called to the reception area to meet one of the “walk-ins”. The young gentleman was standing patiently waiting for me. He was very polite and presented himself well except for one small thing. He was wearing a T-shirt covered with the “F” word in various-sized fonts. I smiled politely and accepted his resume and he went on his way. I didn’t expect people to come into our office dressed up, but there are limits. I wonder what he was thinking when he was putting the shirt on that morning—maybe “this looks clean.” O Employee Assessments Employee Skill Tests Over 1,100 tests to choose from. Online performance-based testing for more accurate results! Quick, efficient, and economic verification of critical skills. Contact us for a FREE demo today. 1-888-580-8835 NETWORK O Summer 2010 475911_Empower.indd 1 O1:47:26 PM 39 4/22/10 © Joshua Rainey Photography/

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Network - Summer 2010
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Network - Summer 2010