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Framework Providing tools for high-end staff productivity By Murray Whitby Performance The In large organizations, every function has its specialists. In small, owner-operated businesses, the owner is chief everything officer. The owner does the strategic planning, negotiates the real estate, secures the capital, undertakes the marketing, makes the sales, manages production, fulfills the orders, creates the customer service experience, performs accounting, monitors the competitive environment, manages the HR function and does anything and everything else needed for the business to thrive. Small business owners are generalists. They are resourceful, and adept at finding the best way to do things in all areas of their business. Yet when you speak with small business owners, you find two things keep them up at night: 1) competitive pressures in the external environment; and 2) staff issues. On the second point, small business owners speak of relentless staff turnover. They talk about how difficult it is to find staff with the passion and commitment the owners themselves feel for the business. They confide they have staff members who are not “doing their job,” but they are uncomfortable addressing issues for fear of damaging the relationship. And they say they would love to improve overall motivation and performance of staff, but they are not quite sure how to do it – “Maybe I could hold a teambuilding session” or “How about some customer service training?” 17 NETWORK Fall 2009

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Network - Fall 2009
HRIA President’s Message
HRIA Executive Director’s Message
Membership Has its Privileges
HRIA Conference Chair’s Message
What is a PEO?
The Performance Framework
Canada’s Training Ground
The Care and Feeding of Your Team
Social Networking Meets Recruitment 2.0
Making Serious Brand Impact
Establish Sound Legal Footing
It’s Dialogical
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Network - Fall 2009