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Social Networking Recruitment 2.0 Facebook, Bohire lead the next generation of referral tools Looking back over the last 20 years, one can only be amazed at the evolution the recruiting environment has experienced. I recall days of placing job ads in Saturday newspapers, with the only stress being to make sure there was enough paper in the fax machine for the weekend. In those days, Monday mornings felt like winning a jackpot lottery, seeing 200-plus paper resumes come through and eventually hiring a significant number of employees. As time passed and new technological advances were introduced, results from newspaper ads started to diminish. Like any aggressive recruiter, it was time to look for the next best thing! Online job boards began to overshadow print because they introduced efficiencies allowing employers to reach large audiences of active job seekers. However, the relative ease of applying for multiple jobs created high quantity vs. low quality of candidates. It seemed the positives of using technology were met with challenges of recruitment “administrivia”! Job boards have evolved and we now see a plethora of niche sites, each one trying to stand taller than the next. With all the choices available, the ever-so desirable “passive” job seeker remains a challenge for recruiters to find. What’s next and where do we go from here? The Internet world is relentlessly enthusiastic in its embrace of the latest and greatest, and over the last couple of years social networking has captured attention worldwide. It is a phenomena defined by linking people to each other in some way, whether personally or for business purposes. It is a form of self-expression and although people have always networked, the Internet has opened up new ways of connecting globally. Social networking is here to stay and it should be no surprise that recruiters must look at social networking as the next big wave on how corporations will hire in the next five to 10 years. Facebook, the most popular social networking site with an estimated 9 million users across Canada, has changed the social lives of almost one third of our entire population. Approximately nine of 10 individuals aged 18-34 are on Facebook, according to ZINC Research, which is a very good indication where recruitment resources need to be allocated. Social networking has connected all of us within “six degrees of separation” and the power of these networks can be leveraged to find great people. Recruiting has always been about networking. The more people we know, the easier it is to hire. This is why a majority of companies have put strong emphasis and development on employee referral programs. By offering cash incentives to refer friends, an employer can reach a larger audience without consuming additional HR resources. Companies with extremely successful programs are seeing more than 30 percent of their hires sourced through this powerful resource. Bohire (, Canada’s Job Referral Community, is an exciting new entrant seeking to make recruiters’ lives easier by focusing on the referral concept. Bohire harnesses the power of social networks and has created an “everybody wins” scenario for employers and referrers. On Bohire, companies join for free, post unlimited jobs for free, choose a referral reward they want to pay, and only pay if a successful hire is made. The rewards are then paid to referrers by Bohire. Anyone can join the Bohire community as a “referrer” and their role is to simply to deliver an employer’s recruiting message and refer friends to jobs they are suitable for. In the end, a candidate gets a great job, their friend makes money by referring them and companies get a passive job seeker at the price they want to pay. With more than 2,500 referrers on Bohire, the site is truly a community where everyone rolls up their sleeves to help employers find great candidates. It’s hard to predict what technological advances will arise and how recruiters will respond to the challenges. We won’t necessarily see a dramatic change in core things we do, but expectations will change and we will undoubtedly want more, more and more. “Doing a lot with a little” will be an increasingly important line to live by. And those who believe that idea have already started developing social networks and joining sites like Facebook and Bohire. ■ NOTE: Vincent Tsang is vice president – business development at Bohire Inc. He can be contacted at vincent.tsang@ or (416) 694-4473, ext. 222. 33 NETWORK Fall 2009

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Network - Fall 2009
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