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Making Serious Brand Impact Five strategies to shift a too-casual culture By Leslie Davies Your company has painstakingly chosen business cards, brochures, a Web site and other marketing and branding collateral. You and your staff belong to several networking groups and have selected them based on an appropriate target market for your product or service. You’re selective about where you advertise and the message that’s being conveyed – after all, your business brand is important, right? But have you given any thought and attention to your most important branding tool… YOU and your staff? That’s right, YOU are your most important branding tool in your marketing arsenal. Wouldn’t you agree that when people buy your product or service, they are really buying you and your staff? Need proof? Research done in the 1990s in the U.S. and U.K. examined the sales process from a broad range of industries, from computers to real estate. Over half the time, the prospect decided within the first 2 minutes whether they would buy from that person. Do you really think the prospect had time to evaluate the product or service in 2 minutes? NO, it was all about the initial connection and impression the sales rep made. In Daniel Goleman’s book, Working with Emotional Intelligence, he cites studies from Harvard proving that within 30 seconds we “know” someone’s competence with 80 percent accuracy. In a recent Clairol Corporate salary research study, they found companies projected higher salaries – up to 20 percent higher – based on a job NETWORK Fall 2009 35

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Network - Fall 2009
HRIA President’s Message
HRIA Executive Director’s Message
Membership Has its Privileges
HRIA Conference Chair’s Message
What is a PEO?
The Performance Framework
Canada’s Training Ground
The Care and Feeding of Your Team
Social Networking Meets Recruitment 2.0
Making Serious Brand Impact
Establish Sound Legal Footing
It’s Dialogical
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Network - Fall 2009