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It’s Dialogical Workplace strategies to get people talking By Linda Maul we are constantly bombarded by information and electronic communication in our workplaces, but we’re not talking. We’ve lost the art of conversation, the sharing of ideas and brainstorming of solutions. We’re moving so fast, many people only know their co-workers at a very superficial level. When did we stop talking? Our e-mail boxes are jammed full and we’re probably all guilty of sending as many e-mails as we receive. How many times have you decided to finally pick up the phone on the third e-mail conversation trying to set a date for a meeting or a luncheon appointment? Many of us are tied to our BlackBerrys 24/7 – weekdays, weekends and even holidays. We’re communicating, but we’re not talking. I can’t help but wonder how that affects the bottom line of our organizations. As a human resource professional, you can play a key role in sustainability of organizations by developing opportunities for employees to intentionally start talking to each other, to share stories, discuss challenges and look collectively at solutions. Technology has revved up the speed of communication, created a sense of urgency to respond and connected us in a global network difficult to comprehend just a few years ago. We have Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, pods, mail messenging, message boards, internal networks and others, but we’re not talking about what matters most within organizations. We have privacy legislation to protect us but we choose to use social networking sites that provide little or no privacy. Have you noticed NETWORK Fall 2009 43

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Network - Fall 2009
HRIA President’s Message
HRIA Executive Director’s Message
Membership Has its Privileges
HRIA Conference Chair’s Message
What is a PEO?
The Performance Framework
Canada’s Training Ground
The Care and Feeding of Your Team
Social Networking Meets Recruitment 2.0
Making Serious Brand Impact
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It’s Dialogical
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Network - Fall 2009