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O Feature By Natalie Macaulay Shifting Harnessing technology for learning and development o you have a DVD player, a smart phone or perhaps a video iPod? It is hard to be technology un-savvy in today’s world when our lives are completely saturated with technology. Whether it is washing machines with internal computers to intelligent traffic lights that are programmed to recognize the flow of traffic, technology is all around us. How then might one use technology in learning? The world of learning and development has also experienced a huge shift in recent years and the whole subject of e-learning has experienced somewhat of a revival: video as a means to learn is at an all-time high with the advent of podcasting and support platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. It also seems that anything prefixed with an “I” is now synonymous with harnessing technology for individual use. So it is with “iLearning.” It was the concept of “iLearning” that spawned the idea to harness technology in the delivery of personalized learning using an iPod. For over two years we at Emerge Learning were convinced that there was merit in delivering learning content to the individual D 22 O NETWORK O Fall 2010

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Network - Fall 2010
HRIA President’s Message
HRIA Membership = Career Advancement
HR Abstract
Social Networking: The Good, the Bad and the Legal
Shifting Focus Harnessing Technology for Learning and Development
Technology in Recruiting: All It’s Cracked Up To Be?
Drowning in Data: Get the Most Out of Metrics
HR Data Management: Gains Through Employee Empowerment
Technology Aids the Human Touch
The HR Office True-life Tales from the HR Profession
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Network - Fall 2010