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The HR Interview Day “Jane” had set up an interview to meet with a senior-level administrator for future work opportunities. Although the interview was arranged for 11:15 a.m., Jane found she was still waiting 20 minutes later and chalked the individual up to a no-show. Finally, about 30 minutes later the candidate arrived in apology, didn’t bring in the requested pre-requisite forms, and dressed very casually. The receptionist phoned down to Jane’s desk to let her know the individual was there. Jane had already started another task but dropped it, put on her recruitment hat and headed down the hall, only to find the candidate on the phone. Almost shell shocked, she made eye contact with the individual, only to receive a mouthed “10 more minutes,” complete with hand gestures. Ten minutes later, Jane returned to reception to find the candidate still on the phone. The receptionist was asked to let the candidate know that there would be no meeting that day nor in the future. After the individual had left, the receptionist informed us that the very important call she took was actually a telephone interview. She had doublebooked herself. O Office Party Dresses A candidate came in to interview for a junior position. After 30 minutes of responding poorly to the interview questions being asked, the HR Manager, interviewing with the hiring manager, decided to wrap up the interview by asking, “Are there any questions we can answer for you?” The candidate replied, “No, but can I tell you something else?” The manager encouraged the candidate to proceed and she said, “I just wanted to tell you that I really want to work for you because I’ve heard that oil and gas companies have great parties, and I have some amazing party dresses!” The Human Resources Manager thanked her as she showed her to the door... and needless to say... moved on to the next candidate. O © Karen Roach/ NETWORK O Fall 2010 O 47

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Network - Fall 2010
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