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O Association News HRIA President’s Message ore than ever before, people around the world are connected economically, socially and technologically, and systems and organizations are interacting with each other on entirely different levels. As HR professionals how do we keep up? How do we determine technology’s best role to enhance our teams and organizations? A good place to start is right here with this edition of Network magazine. This issue is dedicated to discovering technology advancements in human resources that may help your HR department play a strategic role in your workplace. From an Association perspective, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who responded to our 2010 Annual General Meeting Survey and Member Satisfaction Survey. The response to our 2010 AGM survey was very positive. Members provided us with feedback about the virtual AGM and the overall satisfaction rate is 86% when it comes to content, timing, and responses to questions at this year’s AGM. The Board of Directors was extremely pleased with the success of this year’s virtual event and we look forward to building on this success to make next year’s AGM bigger and better. The Association also conducted a member satisfaction survey to ensure we understand our members’ needs and expectations and to continue to add value to the services we provide. CHRP recertification, job postings and Network magazine were the three services most important to HRIA members. Members would also like to see further improvements to professional development opportunities and membership benefits. Please be assured that one of our key objectives is to enhance member services in the coming years. Survey results will be shared with members in a separate communication. Innovation means continually finding ways to better serve our teams and organizations. By doing so, we help our organizations develop an enhanced infrastructure, providing top level support and strategic business advice. As summer winds down and we get back into our routines, this is the perfect time to reflect on what we are doing, determine what we want to accomplish and plan what we need to do to achieve those goals. I do hope you find the articles in this edition helpful. As always, I welcome your ideas, comments or questions at M Innovation means continually finding ways to better serve our teams and organizations. Sincerely, Charlotte Bouchard, MBA, CHRP President NETWORK O Fall 2010 O 7

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Network - Fall 2010
HRIA President’s Message
HRIA Membership = Career Advancement
HR Abstract
Social Networking: The Good, the Bad and the Legal
Shifting Focus Harnessing Technology for Learning and Development
Technology in Recruiting: All It’s Cracked Up To Be?
Drowning in Data: Get the Most Out of Metrics
HR Data Management: Gains Through Employee Empowerment
Technology Aids the Human Touch
The HR Office True-life Tales from the HR Profession
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Network - Fall 2010