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O Association News HRIA Membership = Career Advancement n today’s fast-paced business environment, continuous learning is critical for professional success. Employers expect staff members to learn new skills and stay abreast of the latest trends in their industry. It’s no different for the human resources professional, and some may argue that it’s even more critical for those who manage human assets to be on top of their game. So how do you elevate your level of professionalism while keeping current? The best way is through membership in HRIA. The old adage that “there is strength in numbers” is the reason associations were born and have survived to this day. As a cohesive group, the HRIA membership is a strong advocate for our industry. We work on your behalf to offer programming that is designed to upgrade your skills and challenge you on a professional level. Members also benefit from the sharing of knowledge, whether that is through reading our quarterly I magazine, Network, our monthly e-newsletter, HRIA E-Source, or attending various association events. Perhaps one of the most tangible benefits of HRIA membership is the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation. HRIA is the only organization in Alberta to grant the CHRP, the achievement of which is a significant professional milestone and the hallmark of success. To get the most from your HRIA membership, consider joining one of our committees to diversify your skills while networking with your peers. Attend our events—the Alberta HR Conference is an excellent opportunity to brush up on your skills while exposing yourself to the latest thoughts and trends in our industry. Visit our website,, which is a fantastic source of association information, industry news and online resources. In today’s competitive marketplace, every advantage counts. Get on the fast track to career advancement—sign up for HRIA membership today! O NETWORK O Fall 2010 O 9

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Network - Fall 2010
HRIA President’s Message
HRIA Membership = Career Advancement
HR Abstract
Social Networking: The Good, the Bad and the Legal
Shifting Focus Harnessing Technology for Learning and Development
Technology in Recruiting: All It’s Cracked Up To Be?
Drowning in Data: Get the Most Out of Metrics
HR Data Management: Gains Through Employee Empowerment
Technology Aids the Human Touch
The HR Office True-life Tales from the HR Profession
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Network - Fall 2010