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O Feature Cyber-Bully A Workplace Issue By Sheryl Carruthers, CHRP With the exponential growth of social media, employers are challenged more than ever to protect their organizations and provide their employees with a safe, harassment-free work environment. The explosion in Twittering, blogging and texting means organizations are increasingly at risk for public embarrassment, breach of confidentiality, loss of proprietary information, and claims of discrimination, harassment and violence. Online bullying has been receiving increased attention in the media as schools across Canada tackle the problem and cases come before the courts. Employers need to recognize that cyber-bullying is more than a schoolyard issue and workplace bullying needs to be addressed in our policies, disciplinary procedures and educational processes. As of February 2011, four provincial jurisdictions, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario have implemented workplace antibullying legislation, also known as “personal harassment” or “psychological harassment.” The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) describes workplace bullying as acts or verbal comments that could ‘mentally’ hurt or isolate a person in the workplace. While bullying is a form of aggression, the actions can be both obvious and subtle. There is public demand for anti-bullying legislation in all jurisdictions. No matter where in Canada we conduct our business, we cannot ignore the harm bullying can do to our employees and to our organizations and cyber-bullying is, sadly, an ever-growing concern. 20 O

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Workplace of Respect — Addressing Violence & Bullying
Cyber-Bullying — A Workplace Issue
Workplace Bullying: North America’s Silent Epidemic
Workplace Bullying — An Employer’s Obligations
Seeing the Warning Signs — Domestic Violence in the Workplace
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