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O Feature Seeing the WARNING SIGNS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IN THE WORKPLACE A lthough traditionally seen as a private and personal matter, domestic violence has entered the sphere of occupational health and safety with the requirements laid out in Ontario’s Bill 168. The threat of domestic violence has been recognized as a serious workplace hazard, and employers will now be required to implement risk controls to protect the safety of their employees by recognizing the warning signs and taking action to protect both the victim and co-workers. Although Ontario introduced this as a requirement with Bill 168, an amendment to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, it is important to recognize that domestic violence Quick Facts Domestic violence in the workplace has been identified as the fastest growing type of workplace violence in Canada. (Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters 2008) The social costs of violence against women — including health care for victims, criminal justice, social services and lost productivity — are estimated in the billions of dollars. However, the psychological impacts on victims, their families and friends cannot be measured in dollars. (Statistics Canada - Measuring Violence against Women: Statistical Trends, 2006) directly impacts a company’s productivity and the bottom line through decreased performance, increased absenteeism, reduced employee morale, and a potential for greater health costs and liability if someone in the workplace is harmed. Domestic violence in the workplace presents a number of issues and, regardless of jurisdiction, employers have both a financial and moral obligation to ensure the protection of employee health and safety. Preventing and effectively dealing with domestic abuse in the workplace mitigates the risk of injury and can even save lives. Use HRdownloads’ action plan to protect your employees and effectively address instances of Domestic Violence in the workplace: 30 O

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Workplace Bullying: North America’s Silent Epidemic
Workplace Bullying — An Employer’s Obligations
Seeing the Warning Signs — Domestic Violence in the Workplace
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