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The HR Office But My Mom Thinks It’s OK… An e-mail containing explicit images was forwarded around the office and brought to the attention of management. After investigation, it was determined that the employee who was responsible for forwarding the inappropriate e-mail to co-workers be formally disciplined for this violation of our computer-use policy. As the HR representative, I was called in to mediate the conversation. We sat the employee down and I explained why we were here. I pulled out a copy of the e-mail sent from the address and went through my standard lecture of appropriate vs. inappropriate e-mails and how this particular individual exercised poor judgment by forwarding this around the work environment. The employee explained it was just a joke and only sent it to people that had a sense of humour and indicated that there was much worse sent from other people, and really didn’t seem to get the point I was trying to make. I said “Put it this way:  If you wouldn’t send the e-mail to your mom, then it isn’t appropriate to circulate around the office.” To which the individual replied, “But look,” pointing to the ‘From:’ line in the e-mail, “it was my mom that sent it to me!” O Job Board HR Software Solutions Tired of organizing and managing piles of Training Trainers Where Excellence Matters Onsite and public classes (888) 480-1629 NETWORK O Fall 2011 O 41 RESUMES? Contact HireGround 1.877.218.7504 HR Applicant Software Job Board 522807_HireGround.indd 1 4/2/11 3:04:46 AM

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HRIA Chair’s Message
HRIA Membership
The Bully Wears Heels
Workplace of Respect — Addressing Violence & Bullying
Cyber-Bullying — A Workplace Issue
Workplace Bullying: North America’s Silent Epidemic
Workplace Bullying — An Employer’s Obligations
Seeing the Warning Signs — Domestic Violence in the Workplace
Legal Source
Ask Field Law
The HR Office True-life Tales from the HR Profession
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Network - Fall 2011